Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Day 35

Today’s Miles: 31.18
33 Run Days - 2 Off - 0 Travel
Total Miles: 930.11

Today did not start out good. Started a hour behind normal and had to run through some very nasty stuff for about 7 miles, where I got a sidewalk for a half mile then it went back to wet and nasty. 
At one point my shoes were solid black. 

Luckily when I had about 7- 8 miles left I was gifted a sidewalk and some room to run. 
Starting late, the conditions, crazy traffic, and wanting to get to the running store at a decent time I just had to run through whatever I was given. 

I was very pleased with the timing I was able to make. I got there just a little after 1 and was able to talk to them and have some good conversation before tomorrow’s events. 
The bike shop a couple doors down is now working on my cart. (More on that tomorrow) 

While at the black dog running company today I had a interview. I can not wait to share some amazing information within the next couple of days! 

Once all the chatting was done, the mics put away, and a few hugs I ran another 2 miles to the ocean and took off my shoes, socks, shirt, and hat and dove right in. The water was oddly warm. I guess Missouri spring water and the Pacific Ocean got me used to cold water. Overall it was fun. 

Tonight I will sleep long and hard. I will dream of landing in Peru and running with the llamas and huge areas of stray dogs. (No dog is a stray when I’m with them! #alwaysfamily 

Just a few more days and Spanish will be the local tongue, rice will be the most common food, and I’ll be the American just waving as I run by all the little shops and villages. (Once I get out of Lima) 

To my vets: 

Today was a milestone for me. 
I ran 930 miles averaging 28.1 miles a day. 
I ran through extreme heat, extreme storms, and everything in between. 
I ran with dogs, beside horses, in the middle of no where, and in busy cities. 
I ran from Missouri through IL, KY, TN, AL, GA, and SC. 
I ran pushing a 50 pound cart up hills and mountains, across pavement and gravel. 
I ran whether I felt like it or not 
I ran whether I had some aches or not 
I ran because inside me is each and every one of you 
I ran because I care about all of you. 
I ran because as I push through my troubles I know you will too
I ran because during this next year and a half we are going to overcome so much together 
We are going to rise up
We are going to start taking those steps up the stairs to a better life 
We are going to push through the hard times
We are going to lift each other 
We are going to use each other to make ourselves better
All I ask is you stick with me 
Follow me
Jump on this journey with me
Let me into your world 
And if you stay on this train 
All the way to the end 
Then you are already making a difference and fighting the cause 
By you lifting up your head
You will see the light
The stars
You will lose the shadows
And you sticking with me 
Means the world to me
But you mean the world to this world
You choosing life and choosing to let me inspire you and be apart of your life 
Now that is my biggest passion in life. 

I’m telling you this right now
If you get down and think of doing the unthinkable 
Get ahold of Stop Solider Suicide 
They will be there for you 
And once I get back I will be getting the names of those that reached out during my journey 
And mentioned me 
You got help because of me 
And when I get back you won’t regret it
More details on that later 
For now stay strong 
Stay true to yourself 
And if you need help
Stop solider suicide is one call away 
Or email me if you want to talk to me 
I’ll get back to you my brothers and sisters 
You have my word 


  1. We're still with you, Dustin! ....every step of the way!

  2. Following everybstep of this journey. Spreading your journey and inspiration as far and wide as I am able