Sunday, June 30, 2019

Day 60/61

Where to begin...
Honestly, Friday I felt great. Got a good climb in and the day prior got more food stocked up. At the end of the day I found a nice place to set up my sleeping bag and got organized for the night. The typical moving things around to make them more accessible in the morning but things I don’t need during the day. I laid out my bag and sat down. Still felt great. I was listening to an audiobook since I only had about 45 minutes left and the day was fairly young. (The Silent Patient is a great book for anyone wanting book with multiple twist yet more laid back than a intense thriller.) I got done listening, put my phone up setting an alarm and started at the sky thinking as it went from blue and sunny to full of stars. I laid there thinking about this and that, but mostly about getting my gear and trekking the mountain and the possibilities that lay ahead. As I lay there I drift asleep like most nights. 730-800 and my eyes are shut and my mind is on its own. By 9-915 I was fighting to get out of my sleeping bag and vomiting everywhere. The cramps kicked in soon after followed by a light but pulling headache. Later in the night as this roller coaster from laying down and giving the sand my dinner and water, a pain dead center in the chest came. By 8am the sun had risen and traffic started passing but knew I had only been asleep at most a hour. I laid there till 9 when I woke up to a few semi truck honks letting cars know they are passing or going to slow. At hat point I know I had to get up and move on. A 20 mile day was in my head. As I stirred around the stomach had calmed some but the headache, chest pains, and cramps still there. I put everything my cart like normal and decided to give a small jog without it. Once I slowly jogged forward I realized I could finish this day but what’s the point. I kept repeating i had taken to many days so far but as I jogged back I answered my question and told myself I way lay here and set an alarm for 2pm. If I was good I would run a 15 or so. At 2 I woke up to my alarm, a little startled, and lazily turned it off. I stayed knees tucked into chest and sweated out the sickness(hopefully) in a -15 sleeping bag and 74 outside.
Later that evening I woke up and ate some crackers and had some Tampico (my favorite drink down here! They have it in the states. Just nothing else taste the same.) I felt better but it was nearing 5 and ate some more and went back to bed. I only gave the desert my dinner once during the day and felt the worst was over. It put a smile on my face.

Miles: 29.6
Total Running Miles: 1,515.3
52 Running Days

I woke up today with a small headache and some slight knee soreness. The stomach problems were gone and the chest pain was done. I knew the headache would go away with some fluids but it took a second for the knee pain to kick in. Hmmmm but I figured out it’s most likely from the day spent with my knees tucked up near my chest and being bent like that for so long made my inner knee a tad sore.
By mile 15 I felt fairly good. Headache gone but knee pain still there but not by much.
At mile 18 I came over a ridge and for the first time I seen mountains with snow still on the cape. It was such a beautiful sight! I had to zoom way in but I did get one photo that you can see it some.
Miles 20-25 was in search for food and I had 3 “restaurants” tell me they didn’t have food or they were out or they didn’t serve food.... as I watch them bring out food for others.
I shook it off and figured the village didn’t like outsiders. I came to a village near mile 24 and I was able to get a big bow of rice but they said they were out of chicken, fish, and beef for a few days.
(Hmm maybe the others were too?)
I gladly took the rice and ate some. Kept the other half and finished my day.
At the site in which I’ll sleep I ate the rest and am now enjoying a sunset.

Thank you to everyone to showed me love yesterday! I greatly appreciate it!
It doesn’t go unnoticed!

To my vets:

In days of worry, stress, and pain; sometimes, our best option isn’t to speed up, it’s not to rush through it hoping it’ll go away. Instead it’s slowing down, noticing the little things in life that mean the most and while your smiling let the moment pass. We don’t always have to be the toughest person in the world, sometimes we just have to be the one who moves the slowest so we don’t over look the good things because a bad one is happening.
Keep all your heads up and I love each and everyone of you. If you need anything, I’m just a message away!

Friday, June 28, 2019

Day 59

Today’s Miles: 30.1
Total Trip Miles: 1.485.7
51 Running Days

Today was a fun day! 6 and a half hours of a mostly slow gradual incline. Not once does it flatten out till I reached the top. 23 miles up the mountains from one ridge to the reach ridge. I honestly loved the burn by the end of it. Pushing this much weight gave me a workout that makes me feel alive.
Once at the top I was hit by a sudden sand storm that lasted about 30 minutes. Talk about being thrown off. Once it ended I shook off the sand and continued on. The first 5 minutes of it was the worst and I ducked behind a large rock till it lightened up. My visibility during the first 5 mins was about nothing and the last 25 minutes was about 15-20ft.

All in all, not much happened. I had plenty of food from the town I was in yesterday and I spent most of my 30 miles making my way slowly up the road. It took me about 2 hours longer than my normal 7 1/2 hour days due to the slow climb but honestly I needed it. It felt good to feel something like my calves burning again!


Oh, lastly thanks to everyone with suggestions for audio books. I have very much a old school paper book reader but out here I just can’t.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Day 57/58

Wednesday Miles: 37.5
Total Miles: 1,455.6
50 Running Days

Wednesday was a long day. I didn’t get started till about 4 hours later than normal and the day was mostly uphill with no shoulder. The first time I have had no shoulder for a long period of time since the United States. I had found a good place to put out the sleeping bag but I checked my map and seen a small town/village ahead about 3 miles and figured I’d run up there and see if they had any food. Once there it was just a Google Mirage in the sense of it being a village of shacks and nothing else. I shook my head and pushed on but found I was between mountains and for the next several miles I had no where to get off to camp. It led me to another shack village and then more mountains with the sides stretching 50 to 100 feet on either side of the road. It finally took me to a little bit larger village but still nothing for food or hostals. So, I kept pushing. At this point it was going to start getting dark because of my late start to the day. I ended up going several more miles in the dark before ending up in the biggest town I’ve seen in a week. I found a hostal and it looks like there could be some stores to get supplies.

Today I decided to take a “supply day”
I don’t need a recovery day because I feel great but I do need to find some food and water for the next 5 days. I’ll be heading to the second largest city in Peru but between here and there is absolutely nothing. So, I am taking advantage of this town and decided to shop around and get enough supplies to last me 5 days. I found fruits, oatmeal, cookies,  canned tuna, pecans, crackers, some hard candy, and a few other small things. All in all it may not be the most nutritious foods but it’ll keep me running. It’ll be much better than the last week and it’ll keep me high energy and positive.

Some of the cool things I got to be apart of was the morning farmers markets with everyone yelling their prices of their foods, the little thrift shops and miscellaneous shops that set up near the farmers market and I got to get some food in my belly. For lunch Pescado Fritas (fish rice and fries) and for dinner some pizza. It was nice to have something a little different than chicken/fish and rice.
I bought a second pizza and will eat it tomorrow sometime. The pizza is different for sure. Very little sauce, a ton of cheese, very little meat, and little to no grease.

I look forward to getting to the big city and getting all my gear back in the mail. My tent, cold weather gear, tarps, ropes, knife, and just everything really. Yes it makes my cart weigh about 75 lbs total but it’s so worth having it with me. Having the ability to build a lean to with my tarp and rope is a good feeling in bad weather, plus I’ll have my tent to help with animals (small).

My signature book was doing so well in the states, but unfortunately down here I have only one person. People just don’t like putting their name in some unknown book.

I have this day for supplies and maybe a day in the big city to let me gear come in the mail since it takes so long to get down here from the states but once I get my gear I don’t plan on any off days unless I get hurt or need it for some reason physically till after I get into Argentina. No off days planned for Chile. I’m ready to get over the mountains and put them in he past. I also want to save those off days for later in the run.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me or has been following along with my journey! You all mean so much!

To my vets:

Tomorrow morning (Friday) I’ll have a special Facebook Live Video just for you! Love you my brothers and sisters

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Day 56

Todays Miles: 40.0
Total Trip Miles: 1,418.1
49 Running Days

Today was a rough day. I spend the whole day practically climbing and rarely descending. No shoulder to the road but traffic wasn’t to bad. Half way through the day my front tire went flat. So I spent the whole rest of the day trying to keep all the weight on the back two. Still don’t have it aired up but I should be able to find something tomorrow. 

There were absolutely no restaurants (people serving food out of their house) and no villages at all today really. I stayed on the coast line and just kept climbing. A few of the spots were deadly for anyone not paying attention. With the cliff side touching the white line on the road. If anyone were to drift off onto the white line they would be potentially looking at a 300-400 ft fall if not further in some areas. Some areas were much further and the bottom was jagged cliffs and not ocean water. 

After so many days without a place to plug up my gear my portable charger died. GPS on 40 percent and phone on 25 percent. I knew this day would come, I have been trying to get another portable charger since I got down here. So when I woke up and realized my electronics would probably all die today my only goal was trying to keep my gpa from dying. If my phone did so be it but I needed my GPS device to track me. My phone got to 5 percent and I turned it off. My GPS at one point got down to 8 percent. I was lost and really didn’t know how to go about the situation with 25 miles to the next village (which doesn’t promises anything)

Just moments after trying to analyze how I could make it work a older gentlemen was in the side of the road struggling to pull up a double wheel from a semi truck out of a valley aprox. 75 ft down. 
My mind wanted to keep going.. after all my gps device doesn’t pause and it’s loosing life. But my heart wouldn’t let me run passed him without seeing if he was alright even though I don’t speak Spanish very well. He wasn’t alright. We was exhausted and the wheel was from his rig. 
So I did what I think any man in my position would do. I pushed my cart to the side and got ready to sweat even more. I tried communicating to him a few ideas I had and he seemed opened minded to what I had to offer. I climbed down into the valley and back up several times before I had everything situated how I think it would work best. Knowing he wouldn’t have much power to his pull I tried rigging a pulley system with some circle spinners he had on the trailer. After that it came to me slowly pulling and pulling. After a hour and a half we had it more than half way up. He was down and out and it was up to me. I kept a close eye on my watch and I realized after two hours I would need to go. So I went back down to the tire and gave it my everything to move some large rocks and stones and make the path a little easier to slide. When the two hour mark hit I had it about ten feet from the top. At that point h gave me a hug and a thumbs up and I left. He didn’t want a selfie with me but I did get some pics of the chain on the tire and him working by his truck. Just respected him enough not to include his face. 

Once I started running again it was all uphill and I was drained. 
I look at my GPS and I still had 23 miles to go. 
My GPS now sitting at 3 percent and I knew I wouldn’t make it. 
So I got desperate. I ran as fast as I could. Literally the verge of a sprint (as fast as I could going up a hill with a flat front tire) 
I see a super small hut/shack out in the sand and it’s all by itself. I see a woman outside and a power wire by the shack. Maybe this would be a shack that actually had power. 
It did. For 10 soles she let me charge my GPS device and phone. 30 minutes later I was about 50/50 on both devices and I took add again. 

A few miles up the road a semi truck stopped and gave me two oranges and some hard candy. Which was very nice of him. 

All in all as the sun was setting I finally made it to the village. It has a hostal and I will be staying there so I can fill charge all my devices. Took me about 9 hours running but I had plenty of time not running and doing other things. The hostal does not have food so I’ll have to wait for the morning. 
There are community showers and I don’t have a towel yet so in the morning I’ll just rinse off and get get by running. For tonight I’ll eat my famous Honey an Maple Syrup sandwich which is what I have to eat most days anyways. 

For anyone interested in my animal list these are the two best things to date but I’ll post everything I’ve seen so far on here soon. 

Peruvian Inca Hairless Dog

Culpeo also known as Andean Fox

To my vets: 
I’ll be doing a facebook live video either tomorrow or Thursday depending on service but it’ll be for you; my brothers and sisters. Stay strong, stay true, and stay humble. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Day 54/55

Miles: 61.1
Total Trip Miles: 1,378.1

Over the last two days not a lot has changed. I’m still running up and down the mountains and along the shoreline. The mornings and nights are often cold and windy with the day time usually being around 60. The sun still sets around 1745 (545) and rises around 630. I have been finding places asleep off the road usually along the mountain side somewhere where I believe people can’t see me. I am sleeping in only a sleeping bag till my other gear gets to the city I am headed to. Hopefully in about 10 days I’ll have most of my gear again. Sleeping in a bag and no tent leaves me very vulnerable  to the weather, animals, and anything else out here. But no problems up to now.
A major warning I have gotten from locals is the Puma population I’m about to head towards. The city I am headed to is dead center of the area with the worlds largest puma population so I leave it up to God and every angel up there watching over me to keep me safe!
Food is still scarce but I have found a few small shacks that offer me food: I pay way more than normal for it but the food is worth the money. Most days I eat bread with honey but once I get to the city I’ll be able to restock my supplies that I had to leave in America.
I seen an ancient breed of dog down here which at first gave me a jolt of energy to run faster but it caught me and just wanted to smell me. It was a Peruvian Inca Hairless Dog. Black as night and skin like leather. A tiny amount of hair just on its head. No picture unfortunately at the time I was more worried about getting away.
I had some dog friends follow me about 25 miles today. They stopped once a truck driver threw them some food and I just kept going. Maybe I’ll see them again. It does get lonely out here and the dogs are good company.
I have started a list of every type of animal I see. I’ll be very curious to see what all I accumulate before South America is over in a few months.

To my vets:

My only advice today is simple....
Sometimes later never comes.

Do today what you have always dreamt of. Start today towards being healthy and happy living passionately doing what you love. Wake up and put your inner fire to use and don’t live for anyone but you. You do what will bring joy to your life. We work on average nearly 45 years before we retire. Why not find something you can love for those years.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Day 51/52/53

Total Miles: 1,317.0
46 Running Days

My total should be 21 miles more but I can’t use the miles due to having to stop my route on the highway when I left to go searching for food. Didn’t want to break any rules.

The last 3 days have been interesting to say the least. Days filled with little to no food and lots of running up mountain sides just to go back down the other. Mostly eating a few pieces of bread each day. I am making my way to a very large city with a grocery store so in about 10 days (315 miles) I’ll be able to stock up with a lot of food!

I have been in and out of service but mostly no service at all. I stick to my books most of the days. If you haven’t read the Tattooist of Auschwitz it’s a good one.

I have started to really prefer the sight of these beautiful majestic mountains over the crashing waves of the sea. There’s something up here that speaks to me much more. It pulls me the same way the ocean pulls the water back out to sea, or the same way music draws the listening ear. These mountains make no noise, they do not move, but they speak to me, they reach out and touch me. They welcome me.

Most nights I have been able to find good places to put out my sleeping bag. Usually not to far off the road but out of sight as much as possible. Nights and mornings are full of cool breezes that make getting out of the sleeping bag hard.

A random cool fact of today is I hit my running goal. 1,300+
This means I have sunk below the 15k mark and now have 14k+ left!
16.3k —- 16k— 15k—- now in the 14k range!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Day 50

Todays Miles: 30.3
Total Trip Miles: 1,243.6
43 running days

Today was a day I could no more than describe as sand and hills.

The sights all day were of sand and more sand. The kind of sand that sits on the ground and flys in your eyes as the wing blows.

The hills of the day were many. I spent all day going up and mile or two and down a mile or two. Repeated that all day. By the end of the day I got a good leg workout!

Food today was scarce. I didn’t go through a single village or pass a single shack. I ate a peanut butter sandwich. Tomorrow I will stop my gps device on the highway and head 4 miles towards the ocean to a little village in hopes of food. Just somewhere that accepts MasterCard or actually has food to bring with me. They do have a small hotel with a little restaurant. So at the least I can get one meal but I’d really like to find a place to load up on some more food.

I’ll keep everyone updated on how the food search goes. It wouldn’t even be a problem if I would have been allowed to bring my emergency food box.

I’m not a music guy when running but I love to read. The last two days I have listen to two different books and it wasn’t to bad. So on long days with busy traffic and no nature I’ll probably listen to books. If anyone has any recommendations let me know. (I’ve read a ton of books in life and I don’t mind a book twice so anything works)

To my vets:

I’m going to be doing a Facebook live video for all of you soon! Keep any eye out for it!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Day 49

Today’s Miles: 31.8
Total Miles: 1,213.31
42 Running Days

Today was all about making it to Nazca to stock up on supplies. (I’ve been living off peanut butter for a few days) Unfortunately it was a huge let down. A lot of stores closed down. Most stores were tire and mechanic shops. A few restaurants but they only took visa and no mastercards. The little bit of cash I do have (30 soles) I need for fruit stands or things in the middle of no where that clearly only take cash if I see any. I spent well over an hour searching for food and came up empty handed. Not a single place for me to get anything. If the map shows correct I have over 200 miles of nothing. All I have on hand for food is a half jar of peanut butter. I had about 100 miles just to get to this town and it was a major let down. Not sure what I’ll do for food at the moment. After my time searching and either turned down at restaurants (which I couldn’t take that food with me anyways) due to mastercard and just not finding a store with any food in it I kept moving.
After about 5 miles I noticed my front tire is getting a little low on air. (Unlucky) hope to find a gas station that actually has air soon.
The next few days could get rough or I could get lucky and find some food even if it’s just another jar of peanut butter. I want to say thanks to my mother who is trying so hard to help from so far away. Love you mom!

Days like today and the days to come make me wish I had a companion with me. But it’s a lot to ask of someone to take off that much time and money they’d need to find themselves.

Anyways I’m just rambling now. Thank you all for all your support it means a lot.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Day 47/48

Sundays Miles: 29.7
Total Miles: 1,149.31
40 Running Days

Monday’s Miles: 32.2
Total Miles: 1,181.51
41 Running Days

Sorry everyone I’ve been in and out of service the last couple of days. Lots of mountains, it’s been very much like a roller coaster. Except the only few has been more mountains and deserts.


Really an uneventful day. No towns but a few very small little villages with nothing in them but a few shacks. The running was very clean with a nice shoulder. The temperature was cool as windy in the morning and evening but about 70 midday. I ended up finding a nice place under a tree to conceal myself and get some sleep. At one point I was going through a village and a dog was barking at me from a roof top which was really interesting.


Today started out like most days here lately.
Chilly and very windy here in the desert topped mountains. Starting the morning around 630 and in a hoodie and sweats (all I have at the moment) I took off and was making great timing.
As I was passing this tiny little hut in the middle of no where all by itself no bigger than a 10X10 I woman stopped me and asked if I needed water and food. I was able to buy two bottles and they made me some chicken, fries, and rice with cut up veggies. It was a really nice surprise thinking I wasn’t going to get any real food today. Not to mention she only charged me 10 soles for it all!
That took about an hour but an hour very well spent. As I continued on for the day I finally reached the top of the mountains that I have been climbing up and down for the last couple days. Once I got up to the top there was a small tunnel about 800-1000 meters long that I had to pass through and getting out into the other side was breathtaking. It was absolutely gorgeous! He prettiest thing I have seen in a very very long time. I ended up taking about 10 minutes to sit on top of this large rock and just soak it all in before making my way down the long curvy road. Once I decided to start descending I knew it would take a lot pounding to my knees trying to stop my 50 pound cart from taking off on me and I was right. Two miles down hill was enough to give me some aches. Once down I found a very small village again but surprisingly they had a little tiny store that sold some drinks!! I bought 3.5L drinks and stocked up for the coming days of nothing. Tomorrow I’ll hit a town but after that it’ll be about a week before I see another. So being able to stock up now makes me feel better and I won’t need to get as much. After the village I started back up the next mountain area and will be on it for awhile. All in all I have about a month before I am completely over these mountains.
I found a safe place to sleep but unfortunately it will not be comfortable. Mostly rocks. But it’s safe so it’ll work just fine.

I just want to thank everyone for supporting me and everyone back home doing everything they can for me. I love you all! ❤️

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Day 46

Todays Miles: 29.6
Total Miles: 1,119.61
39 Running Days

Today, I woke up in covered in sand. Clearly the wind had blown last night and got all over my sleeping bag and cart. I brushed it off and started on my day. It was actually the first day where it felt chilly. I had to put on a hoodie and jacket with a beanie. Luckily it wasn’t any colder because I don’t have my cold weather gear yet. It ended up warming up by 930-10 and the rest of the day was warm.

I worn some shorts that were a little shorter than I normally wear and my thighs got some sun. A nice pink color haha

Up to this point I have been blessed with great running roads. The shoulders to the roads down here so far are huge. It allows me to get in a good pace early on and just go.
Some people have asked about how long it takes me to do a 50k everyday or at least that’s my average and really its right around 7 hours 30. Some days take longer due to circumstances our if my control and some days are quicker.

I do plan on moving my daily average up to around 33 miles a day within a few weeks. I’m going to stick to 30 for now but as long as everything is still feeling good I’ll move it up 3. Then after that I’m not sure when I’ll move it up again. Right now I’m still setting a good pace to “warm up” for all of this. Still have 15,181 miles left to go. It’s a long journey. But to this point I feel fantastic. 7.5 hours in my feet, a few hours getting my sleeping arrangement set up and getting comfortable, a little bit to write the blog and then I’m getting a solid 8 hours every night no matter what usually. I’m up by 5 am and usually head out around 615-630.

Nothing really exciting happened during my run today. It was not a pretty sight and I was in the desert the whole time.
Once I got to the city I’m in now it became very hectic and congested.

I did manage to get my very first Peruvian Signature in my book!! Everyone to this point has told me no but this man understood my journey and we sat and talked for well Over an hour. He didn’t ask typical questions. He kept seeking answers from deep within and wasn’t concerned with logistics and things. He was a very spiritual man. I enjoyed every second of it.

Once I leave, I will tell you the hotel name and everything for my safety but they are very humble and incredibly nice people. They made me rice and chicken for dinner, and even said they would wake up early to make me breakfast.

To my Vets:

Take your struggles and give them to me. Let me carry them for you and place them at the highest mountains and lowest valleys so you’ll never have them again. Let me carry your baggage and I’ll delivery it to places that you never have to worry about them finding you again.
Have faith in me that I care for you.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Day 43/44/45

Miles: 48.1

Miles: 32.2

Miles: 20.0 (Started a few hours late and took my time since I found a place to sit down for lunch)

Total Miles: 1,090.01
38 Running Days

Wednesday Recap:

It was a long day!

What started out as a 30 mile plan turn into a 37 that then turned into nearly 50.
Warning! Just because Google/Booking/Hotels/ or any website says a hotel down here is open doesn’t mean it really is. The one at 30 was closed. The one at 37 was a concrete slab. The one at 50 was no where to be found and I was up several hundred feet on a cliff and there were no roads leading down. In the morning I look over the cliff and nothing.

The journey was a long one. Up in the mountains and back towards the ocean. It was full of desert, beach, and mountains. It had some beautiful scenery and also some very humbling scenery. Some things I just don’t want to get a picture of because I respect the people to much. It’s a hard life in some of these areas with no electric or running water.

The one bad thing was no food. I found two fruit stands along the way but other than that there was nothing. There was no way to get food from locals because there were none. It was all sand, mountains, or every now and then you would see this little bitty tiny shacks the size of a walk in closet in the distance but other than that I didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter. Some areas did have houses but they were in communities with gates. Most all the business look like they close down once the tourist season/ summer had ended.

It took me 13 hours and 56 minutes to cover the 48 miles. I did the last two in total darkness but I did have a headlamp. Only 11 hours of sunlight down here right now. It was like a trail race all over again except on a road and with lots of traffic and in a place I don’t speak the language, where motorcycles like to pull up beside you at night, and dogs are everywhere and no aid stations but still I had a headlamp on!

What’s really sad about down here about the dogs is in America they follow me because they want companionship. And I would gladly give it to them. Here they follow me because they are starving. It breaks my heart. I’m having a terrible time finding food and when I do it’s usually a bag of chips. So even when I try to give them food they don’t eat the chips.... it’s so sad I wish I could buy 100 bags of dog food and just fill up bowls along the way.

I ended up stopping on the top of a mountain cliff and lifting my cart over the railing. I had about ten feet to work with before it dropped down hundreds of feet. I laid my cart on its side and curled up next to it. I woke up a lot but no one bothered me.


I woke up around 6 and the sun was starting to come up and decided not to sleep in.
I hit the road and was aiming for a place to stay but when I got there it was closed down.
So instead of having extra time off my feet I decided to just keep going.
I ended up going to Pisco where I found a place that had some really nice reviews from Americans.
A super nice hotel for less than 20 USD! I was shocked.
While in Pisco I was able to find a grocery store.
I was beyond excited. I walked the mile and a half to the store with pep in my step.
Getting there I was disappointed. It was almost all good you had to cook. Rice, noodles, lunch meat, boxed foods.... I spend a hour going down and up every aisle several times to come away with a lot of bread, peanut butter, some ritz crackers, and some maple syrup. That’s it...... I was prepared to buy the whole store but it’s okay I atleast was able to get something.
(While I was there they had dog treats on sale for 30 cents in u.s. money so I got a bag!!!!)


Today was a nice and slow day. I slept till 8 and hit the toad around 915 and found a place to stop and get lunch. Wasted a hour and a half but it was worth it. For 5 bucks I got a huge bowl of soup, a plate of rice and chicken, a drink, jello (I didn’t eat), and some potatoes, plus two powerades! Talk about cheap.

Unfortunately I tried giving a dog treat to two different dogs and they won’t eat them... they want real food. I was so happy when they come running up wagging their tail and then to see them disappointed that it’s just a treat (which they may not even know what it is)

I hit 20 miles and was going to keep going but I figured I hit my daily minimum and seen a place under a tree on the side of a hill away from the highway and decided that was a good place to pull over and sleep. It seemed like no foot traffic would come through  and the cars wouldn’t see me.
So I feel safe and like I won’t be bothered.

To my vets:

Stay strong even in the face of a storm. Be that lighthouse that shines bright even when a hurricane hits. You’ve got this! 💪🏻 I believe in you!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Day 42

Today’s Miles: 31.2
Total Miles: 989.71
35 running days

Today started out like most mornings. Busy traffic trying to get to work but today was much better. I had a huge shoulder to the road and didn’t have to worry about it. I usually don’t listen to music but this morning I put in some Kenny G and just zoned in.

It was cool passing all these restaurants and shops literally 3 or 4 feet of the shoulder of the highway. People would just pull over to the shoulder and the shops would put the food through the passenger side window and they would pay and then leave. It was cool to see and a bonus for me because I love fresh fruits and they had plenty.

I ran up into the mountains some today but not to bad, I ended up working myself back to the ocean side within a few miles but I got to see some beautiful scenery. The misty mountain tops on one side and the crashing of the waves on the other.

I had a very cool experience with some farmers today. I was running along side the road and I hear someone yelling white man white man. So I look and realize it was two farmers who were struggling to get this huge tractor tire off the tractor and onto another tractor so hey could go get it fixed. The problem was they filled it with water so it lasted longer than air while they tried rolling it. But they didn’t think about picking up that much water weight and getting it to the ground. After 30 minutes we had it on the ground but moving it with all that water was a huge task and took a ton of effort on my part. In other words it wore me out. All in all about a hour and fifteen minutes went by and we had it half loaded onto the tractor. He was calling for more help (all they had was wooden sticks to hold it up and wooden sticks as pry bars and they kept breaking) once help arrived I grabbed my cart and carried on running. The cool thing was I didn’t speak any Spanish at all and they spoke absolutely no English but we worked fairly well together getting the job as close to done as I could.
Luckily after I took back off I realized I only had about 4 miles left so I wasn’t to worried about how much energy helping them took from me. #helpingothers

Honestly I left them on the side of the road and I felt proud. I felt like here I was minding my own business and I could have ignored them. Here I am an American on foreign soil that can’t speak Spanish without even talking to each other I was able to help some small town locals that just was trying to get a job done. I smile just thinking about it. I hope they appreciated it. They clearly were struggling and who was I to pass by if I’m an able bodied human that could easily give up some time to help. I loved every second of it. The bickering between the two of them, the silly faces they made behind each other’s backs, it was almost like they were brothers.

 Anyway, I enjoyed today very much. I haven’t had a day that made me feel this good yet. Today I was at a high and felt good the whole way and felt better after helping. Today I was put somewhere because someone needed me. Maybe you could look around and see if anyone may need you.

To my vets:
If today proved anything it was this. Words are just words, they disappear and fade away with the wind. Actions are strong and firm. They last a lifetime. You may not now how much you are helping someone but reach out and give them a hand. Sure encouraging words can help, but having that extra hand can change everything. Be that helping hand and let your community know your there for them if they need you.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Day 41

Todays Miles: 28.4
Total Miles: 958.51
34 Running Days

(Wayyyyyy to many off days... but nothing I could about it once I got to Myrtle beach and had some many days till my flight.) I’ll make up for it in SA.

Today started off great. I woke up and took off around 7. I had the need to get back on the pavement. I started from my hotel and went to the beach. At the beach I started my GPS and it put a huge smile on my face. Starting the GPS made me realize I was about to put some miles in, in Peru.

I was able to trace the beach for several miles maintaining a good pace dodging people on the sidewalks. I came to a interesting pass where I had to get out into the road for about a quarter of a mile but once that passed I had a huge shoulder whether it was dirt or pavement. I stayed on the same highway the Panamericana the whole way today. I had a lot of people staring, even had, one guy yelling Blanco Blanco but I just kept going. Once I got to 27 miles I decided it was about time to find a safe place to stay. I didn’t want to push my body to hard with it coming off so many days off.

I stopped in San Bartolo which I then found out the hotel I booked was closed and there was no refund...

I roamed around for awhile but things are not set up like they are in the states. After 20 minutes with my head cut off I seen a police officer (which walks around with an AK47 in his hands..)
He spoke little to no English (as did everyone here) but wasn’t very patient with me using my phone to translate my part to him. Understanding him was a whole new challenge. He guided me towards a few places but they were all closed.

We finally found a place that was open but it was for females only. The owner did tell me she was single and had no kids haha I found that hilarious.
Finally after what felt like an hour we found a Hostal that would except me and very much charged me for needing it so bad.

I don’t have my tent or I would have found a place to camp. I did get a sleeping bag in Lima but I couldn’t find a tent to buy. And the police warned me about people on mopeds driving up and taking phones while your on them. So I didn’t really want to sleep outside without a tent.

Once I get out of these bigger cities I think things will get much easier. It’ll be easier to find a place to stay and easier to navigate.

To my vets:

Just because your life changes doesn’t mean that your deepest passions have to.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Day 39/40


Today I had my flights to Ft. Lauderdale and then down to Lima. I knew I had a lot of stuff I needed to take with me so I showed up at the airport hours and hours in advance. It was a good thing I did. It took forever with the airlines to figure out how we were going to work everything out. Unfortunately I was on the losing end of the deal. I would only be allowed to bring my cart ($100 fee) and a carry on bag. So, once the dust settled, I ended up with some clothes (summer) and my electronics. With the understanding I would probably have to rebuy all my winter supplies, tent, sleeping bag, and everything I left behind. My mom is going to try and ship some stuff but with the price of international shipping and trying to figure out where to ship it I figured it would be best just to buy a smaller limited supply in Peru before heading over the Andes mountains.

My first and second flight were both delayed and I ended up landing around 11 in Peru but didn’t get out of customs till around midnight or later. Got to my hotel around 1.

I want to thank Brenda Mejia and cousin, for coming and picking me up. It means the world! She waited at the airport for me forever. Not to mention I really enjoyed our conversation on the way to the hotel. She makes a huge impact in children’s lives with the things she does! Thank you again and maybe one day when I come back I can say thank you again!


Today I took an off day... an unwanted off day...
but I needed to get supplies. It is Fall down here and I needed at least a light jacket and some sweat pants before heading out Monday.
I was able to get a new sleeping bag, two light jackets, a pair of sweat pants, and a new bag to hold everything in. I’ll pick up some of the other stuff hopefully as I get closer to the mountain and Chile.
Today was a good day though. I had some amazing Salmon and Sushi! Delicious! And Peru is known for its Pisco Sours so had to at least get one even though I don’t drink.
I came across a few places I had already been, which was really nice to see again, but overall I just explored the area.
I’m getting very stir crazy.. I am ready to run after all this time off. Tomorrow morning I am taking off, whether I have all my gear or not. I am ready to go! These feet are ready to pound some pavement again!

To my Vets:

Don’t give up on something that could be great, just because it might also be hard. Fight through and get what you want!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Day 36/37/38


Global Running Day

I met up with Black Dog Running Company and WMBF News. We had a great time.
It looked like there was about 50 or more people who showed up to run. Signed some autographs and ran with some great people!
I want to thank everyone who came out to run with us!

I also dropped my cart off to PeeDee Bike shop down the street from the running store and they hooked me up. They did a full tune up and replaced the tubes. They found some great tires that will hold up better. I want to thank them for taking the time out of their day to fix the cart and get it ready for South America!


Today was a day to just relax and unwind. We went down to the beach and got some gifts for everyone. We had some great food and found out there is a huge country music festival this weekend.
Overall today was a nice food and rest day.


Today was more about getting all my final things ready before I leave.

The biggest thing that happened today was my signing with Stop Solider Suicide. I am now a partner with Stop Solider Suicide and will be teaming up with their amazing team to help with our cause. SSS is the first organization that truly had a plan and not just bringing awareness alone. They are going much further and are truly making a huge impact. It was a easy decision once I sat down with Chris Ford the CEO. We have the same mission. We have the same passion. Chris is doing an amazing job at SSS and together I think we can not just walk but we will take leaps and bounds towards fixing this problem. If anyone is not familiar with them, go check out their website. Go look at the amazing things they are doing. They are truly a one of a kind, organization where 100 percent of donations go towards the veterans. For me, it’s very clear, SSS cares tremendously about our veterans regardless of time served or discharge status. SSS is the family our veterans need.

Tomorrow Saturday I’ll be flying out of Myrtle Beach and will be in Peru around 1030 Central Time. Sunday I will pick back up writing the blog everyday (as long as I have service).

To my Vets:

Wake up each and everyday as if it were in purpose. Pursue it like you meant every second of everyday to happen. Never give up, never give in, and always move forward!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Day 35

Today’s Miles: 31.18
33 Run Days - 2 Off - 0 Travel
Total Miles: 930.11

Today did not start out good. Started a hour behind normal and had to run through some very nasty stuff for about 7 miles, where I got a sidewalk for a half mile then it went back to wet and nasty. 
At one point my shoes were solid black. 

Luckily when I had about 7- 8 miles left I was gifted a sidewalk and some room to run. 
Starting late, the conditions, crazy traffic, and wanting to get to the running store at a decent time I just had to run through whatever I was given. 

I was very pleased with the timing I was able to make. I got there just a little after 1 and was able to talk to them and have some good conversation before tomorrow’s events. 
The bike shop a couple doors down is now working on my cart. (More on that tomorrow) 

While at the black dog running company today I had a interview. I can not wait to share some amazing information within the next couple of days! 

Once all the chatting was done, the mics put away, and a few hugs I ran another 2 miles to the ocean and took off my shoes, socks, shirt, and hat and dove right in. The water was oddly warm. I guess Missouri spring water and the Pacific Ocean got me used to cold water. Overall it was fun. 

Tonight I will sleep long and hard. I will dream of landing in Peru and running with the llamas and huge areas of stray dogs. (No dog is a stray when I’m with them! #alwaysfamily 

Just a few more days and Spanish will be the local tongue, rice will be the most common food, and I’ll be the American just waving as I run by all the little shops and villages. (Once I get out of Lima) 

To my vets: 

Today was a milestone for me. 
I ran 930 miles averaging 28.1 miles a day. 
I ran through extreme heat, extreme storms, and everything in between. 
I ran with dogs, beside horses, in the middle of no where, and in busy cities. 
I ran from Missouri through IL, KY, TN, AL, GA, and SC. 
I ran pushing a 50 pound cart up hills and mountains, across pavement and gravel. 
I ran whether I felt like it or not 
I ran whether I had some aches or not 
I ran because inside me is each and every one of you 
I ran because I care about all of you. 
I ran because as I push through my troubles I know you will too
I ran because during this next year and a half we are going to overcome so much together 
We are going to rise up
We are going to start taking those steps up the stairs to a better life 
We are going to push through the hard times
We are going to lift each other 
We are going to use each other to make ourselves better
All I ask is you stick with me 
Follow me
Jump on this journey with me
Let me into your world 
And if you stay on this train 
All the way to the end 
Then you are already making a difference and fighting the cause 
By you lifting up your head
You will see the light
The stars
You will lose the shadows
And you sticking with me 
Means the world to me
But you mean the world to this world
You choosing life and choosing to let me inspire you and be apart of your life 
Now that is my biggest passion in life. 

I’m telling you this right now
If you get down and think of doing the unthinkable 
Get ahold of Stop Solider Suicide 
They will be there for you 
And once I get back I will be getting the names of those that reached out during my journey 
And mentioned me 
You got help because of me 
And when I get back you won’t regret it
More details on that later 
For now stay strong 
Stay true to yourself 
And if you need help
Stop solider suicide is one call away 
Or email me if you want to talk to me
I’ll get back to you my brothers and sisters 
You have my word 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Day 34

Today’s Miles: 31.60
32 Running - 2 off - 0 travel
Total Running Miles: 898.93

Almost hit 900 total miles today. If I had actually known I probably would have did the extra mile, but it’s not that big of a deal I’ll pass it in the morning as I’m sipping on a Naked Green Machine and getting into the pace of the day.

Tomorrow will be my last running day till I get to Peru. It’s just how the schedule ended up working out. I’ll end up about 20 miles short of the original plan but that is an easy thing to make up with as much distance as I have left.

My next goal with mileage is 1300. This would put me with 15000 left. I should hit it within the first two weeks of South America.

* Today was pretty much a trail run. It was 29.7 miles of grass about ankle to shin high at any given point. I had a mile of sidewalk and a mile of shoulder to the road and that is it. The ground was very uneven, every piece of rubber from a tire looked like a snake, and traffic was crazy busy all day. The people on the road today had zero and I mean absolutely zero kind bones in their body. Some of them even moved closer just to honk and throw their hands in the hair, some on their phones and did the whole surprised jerk of the wheel once they finally looked up and realized they were not between the lines, and some just stayed close and speed up. It was nuts. I bailed towards a ditch twice today.
But with uneven ground, a slanted surface, tall grass and weeds, crazy drivers, and running in the heat today was an interesting day. I felt great.... but given the circumstances it made for a long day.

I never thought I would get on a 4 lane highway, that is one of the busiest roads leading to Myrtle beach and there be not only no shoulder but also no where for cars to really pull off. It was a total mess.

I have to give a shout out to that tangerine slushy that melted to quick but got me through the day.
It was because of you I made it to where I needed to.

Once in Myrtle beach I’ll have an interview on the 5th, and then be at Black Dog Running Store for the rest of the night. Come swing by!

To my vets:

In our personal and professional lives, we are constantly hit with one adversity after the other, most of which we have no control over. But the four things we have total control over is how we react, how we adapt, how we breathe, and how we take action.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Day 33

Todays Miles: 36.1
31 days running - 2 days off
Total Miles Ran: 867.33

Today was a good day. It was still hot but it was more tolerable today. I had a good 10 miles with no shoulder but also no traffic,  then 6 miles in shin to knee high grass, but after that it was all a nice run. About 20 miles with a big shoulder and plenty of running room. Just able to strident out and set a good pace that felt like a well oiled machine.

I got to 31.7 miles fairly quick  and decided to just finish the rest of the hour out and found a good place to stop.

Unfortunately no puppies today... 😕 mostly lots of cars in a rush and on the phone. The amount of people swerving on the road then honking at me because they were on the phone texting and didn’t see me till late is way to high. People really need to set that phone down and just drive.

I am now 2 running days out from Myrtle Beach.
I will be there sometime Tuesday after a 30 mile day.
On Wednesday is Global Running Day and I’ll be at Black Dog Running Store.

Unfortunately I’ll have a few off days at Myrtle beach but I’ll make up the days in South America. My goal is one off day down there for 3500 miles. 1750-1750

The next few days on here may be more informational about the week leading ip to flying out than a lot about the running portion.

I have packed all my bags and everything how I’ll be taking them on my flight. Over the next few days I shouldn’t have to get in any of them but one. I figured out how I’ll be breaking it down so I can get it under the plane. It was easier than I had expected so after Tuesday I’ll be breaking it down and leaving it down till after I get to Lima, Peru.

To my Vets:

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Day 32

Off Day - Had an Interview/ Meeting with someone that could really be a huge impact.
30 running days - 2 off days
Total Miles: 831.23

I only have 3 more running days till Myrtle beach. Once there I will have a couple more off days due to the flight day. I will have used a few more off days then I would have liked to but I am very fortunate to spend the time with family while I can. Once in South America I am going to try to do the 3500 miles with as few off days a possible. (Hopefully none)

Today was a good day. I feel much more like myself today. The meeting went great in my eyes. (More details on that another day)

Tonight I am in Hartsville where I will wake up and continue where I left off. I should be in Myrtle beach Tuesday.

Wednesday is Global running day and I’ll be at Black Dog Running store talking to everyone and we will go for a nice 5k run or something. It’ll be a great time. Come check it out if you live around Myrtle Beach!

To my vets:

It's so hard to forget pain, but it's even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace.