Friday, May 10, 2019

Day 9

Todays Miles: 38.77
Total Trip Miles: 254.05

Today was the toughest day yet. 30 minutes into the day starting the rain came and it was hard and heavy and showed no signs of stopping. The wind was brutal with my face becoming a bit sore from the wind burn, and the sleet/hail was no fun either.
I tried out moving the storm and just keep pushing. It didn’t work. I couldn’t find shelter anywhere so I just had to keep going.
Once I got close to Lewisburg, someone contacted the VFW for me but unfortunately there was a misunderstanding and the extra miles was for nothing.
To avoid the storm I made the decision to use some money out of my food budget to get a cheap hotel. It was a little more expensive then I would have liked but it was something I felt would be a good idea. At the very least I would be able to get dry.
Tomorrow I’ll be heading towards Fayetteville, TN. I may go all 30 miles or I may just pull up short somewhere. Depends on the weather I guess.


  1. Will you be in Huntsville AL tomorrow? Would love to help

    1. Yes, I won’t be there till a little later in the afternoon but I’ll be there! Thank you so much for the help! It means the world!

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  3. I bet that was crazy yesterday. Congratulations you did it! Hopefully there won't be too many more days like that

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