Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Day 8

Today’s Miles: 25.98
Total Trip Miles: 215.28

It was a very hot day again with no shade.
I arrived in Franklin and headed to the VFW. I’ve spent the whole day at the VFW and have met several different people.

This young man is Mr. Bill Dawson. Great man, had a fantastic time chatting and exchanging stories and just enjoying a few hours. His son is also attempting some world records next year (polar exploration and desert exploration). Bill welcomed me with wide arms while I was there and I can’t thank you enough! I also met Andy Chasse who let me sleep out on the back patio tonight to get a shelter over my head for the storms coming. Thank you for your kindness! 

There really wasn’t anything special that went on today other than the special people I met from the Franklin VFW. 

Tomorrow will bring some challenges. There is a severe storm coming tonight that will bring heavy rain, hail, sleet, heavy winds, and a possible tornado. For miles tomorrow I won’t really know till i get going and just see how bad it gets. After I leave in the morning I will try to get as many miles as I can till I figure it’s time to try and find some shelter. The closet little bitty town is about 35 miles. So it may end up being a wooded area and try and put my tarp up. Tomorrow could end up being my first wilderness test. 

I have changed my original route. I was going to keep heading east, but I was informed that a military base in Huntsville, Alabama is interested in my running through the base and meet some people so I’m going to go ahead and do that since it’s still within the guidelines. It’ll take me a few days to get there but that’s where I’m headed. 

For my vets out there, I know you have storms in your mind and body like I’ll be facing tomorrow. You aren’t facing it alone. Every service member is riding that storm with you. Just think about those days that brought you closest to your friends and you’ll get out of this storm! Just always remember you’re not alone! You are strong, you are courageous, but you not matter what you will always have your brothers and sisters standing tall behind you! 


  1. Praying the weather cooperates with you today and you meet someone who will give you shelter! You got this! Carry on