Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Day 7

Today’s Miles: 24.74
Total Trip Miles: 189.3

Today was HOT, yes in all caps HOT! Not a shade tree in sight!
It was probably the day with the most hills so far but I’m actually starting to not mind them all that much. The down hills aren’t my enemy. It’s been “fun” trying to keep a 45 lb cart from wanting to sprint down the hill.

After camping out in the woods yesterday I woke up feeling pretty good! Made it to Dickson early in the morning and went to the VFW for some water and to take a minute and just talk to some of them. Found out the local police department had gotten me some snacks for the road! Special shout out and thanks to Mark Brusell, also a Navy Vet! He got me some jerky and some smoked almonds! I greatly appreciate it!

After talking with them I moved on and kept going. I ran through burns where a very sweet lady wanted a photograph with me before finishing just outside of Fairview. I could have kept going but I couldn’t turn down a hotel for the night. From the VFW in Dickson, Mr. Terry Davis was kind enough to get me a hotel for the night which happens to be near where I stopped. He helped me get my things into my room and took me back to the VFW so I could meet everyone and it was a really great time! Much needed laughs and good food. Thank you to everyone tonight who shared stories and good laughs!

One of the men at the VFW shared a song with me about military PTSD. If you haven’t listened to it I strongly go check it out. It’s called hometown battlefield. We loose way to many men to our hometown battlefields.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Franklin and was told to swing by their VFW. It’ll be around 25-26 miles but that’s alright. I don’t wanna pass up on some good times and good people before I gerbil our of the country. I’ll have time to make up the miles down the road some where.
With it being so hot out now, if anyone comes across me Ice or anything cold to drink will nevertheless get turned down!

For my vets out there!
This is for you!

One day you are going to look back. You are going to see yourself right now. You will see the struggles and battles. You will see and remember what it felt like. You will look back at right now and only one thing will come to mind...
After all this time, the bravest thing I ever did was live when I wanted to die.
You will look at yourself and see the battle you won and understand that it was the courage and bravery that will forever change your life and be the foundation for your next chapter.
So for today, be strong, if you can’t be strong let me know. I will be here to let you lean on me. We will be strong together. You will overcome this. You will climb high in your life and look down from the mountain top. For you are a United States veteran and you are there best there is!

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