Monday, May 6, 2019

Day 6

Today’s Miles: 23.11
Total Trip Miles: 164.56

Today was my first real hot day. I had lots of sunblock so I hope tomorrow I don’t feel to bad. I made it to my spot pretty early in the day and was going to get going but didn’t wanna push the ankle. It would’ve been another 20 to the next town but I would have had plenty of time. After thinking it over I figured I’d look around for a place to camp just Incase I did stay. City hall told me there wasn’t any spots they could let me camp but someone did say I could camp on their forest land outside of town.
I ended up flinging just to check it out and if it was a bust I would have left for Dickson but it was actually a really nice place under some evergreens and thought it best to just take the extra rest hours.

I had a dog follow me again for about 20 miles this time. Gave him water and once I got to town he split away. He was a pit bull an was a beautiful light brown.

They had a grocery store here and I was able to get a few fruits and grab a few more body armour drinks for the road.

Tomorrow the plan is to go past Dickson a ways. I’m hoping for a high 28-29 mile day but we will see what I get blessed with. I’ve heard that there is something going to provide me shelter in Dickson so they have to come get me and drop me off in the morning at the exact spot I stop the day before. Not to hard I’ll find a good place that has a big sign or something easy to identify and just look at my Garmin map.

I’m looking forward to doing a little laundry tomorrow hopefully!

If anyone’s looking to contact me they can go through my email,
I check it daily!

Lastly, the Tennessee hills are no joke!

Before I go; if any vets are reading this, reach out to me if you need someone to just talk with. We can talk sports, books, movies, intellectually depth things. I’m here for you! If your down about something or feel something is pulling you back. Just remember, an arrow has to be pulled back before it can be fired. You are being pulled back but you will be fired into all your goals and dreams to set ahead of you!

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