Sunday, May 5, 2019

Day 5

Today’s miles: 21.25
Total Trip Miles: 141.45

Running today on a very sore ankle from yesterday. With lots of hills, walking was a thing. Which is alright I got where I needed to be.

I seen some beautiful caves I would have loved to explore if I didn’t need to keep going. I stepped just inside or crawled just inside and they seemed to go back a ways when I shined my headlamp.

About 10 miles in a puppy dog started following me. He was so friendly. Beautiful coat. I tried for an hour to figure out his name with no luck so I just called him Tennessee. Just before I got to Tennessee Ridge his owner came and got him. He kicked him and called him stupid. I found out his name was Oreo (which I had tried) but he doesn’t listen to it. He seemed very scared of his dad unfortunately...

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to McEwen, Tennessee which is about 22 miles as well. Today wasn’t to bad on the ankle so I hope tomorrow is better! It’s a little bit bigger town than where I am now so it’ll give me a chance to get some crackers and stuff to put in the food box.

I do have a place to get ice in the morning which is going to be great! I look forward to filling all my jugs up again so I don’t have warm anything. One jug water, another jug tailwind (green tea), and the third body armor.

Tonight I’ll be staying in a small little gazebo. I was unsure if I was allowed to stay here, so when a wonderful couple walked by I was able to ask if I could. Being unsure they got ahold of the mayor for me. A little later on the Mayor Stony Odom came out and talked with me and let me know it was alright. Great guy we had a good conversation. The couple from the beginning  cane back. To my surprise  Gladis Anderson had brought me some homemade spaghetti, green beans, fresh fruit, and some hot rolls. Along with that Vernon Lane generously  gave me a small but meaningful and humble donation towards the cause. Thank you so much Gladis and Vernon! They are such humble people! Gladis even helped by saying a prayer before I ate! Not everyone in the world is bad.

For my Vets out there!
Today’s message is simple.
I know your fighting. I know it’s hard. The struggle daily with your mind. But my challenge to you is simple. I want you to pick a goal. Hiking, running a 5k, losing weight, gaining muscle, and I want you to start tomorrow. Start working towards it no matter how small your first step is. And then I want you to start putting health foods inside you. When you eat junk you feel like junk, I know I’ve been there. When you eat heathy it gives you the extra energy to go to the gym at the end of the day, or to go for that walk. The third thing is I want you to never say tomorrow. I never want you to tell your kind you will put it off till tomorrow. Becuase that will be come habit and your brain will respond to that. Always find that strength to go out there and get your goals! The ones who can fight through their own battles are the ones strong enough to change the world. Don’t wait to be motivated,
Let it be a priority over your phone , tv, or even going out to eat.

I want you all to say: tomorrow May 6th, I will start to pursue my goals and ambitions, I will take steps forward everyday no matter how small, and I will work to become the best me I know I can be!

The world loves you all and we want you to succeed!

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  1. The battle is real and your motivation is amazing!! I said those words with you!!