Saturday, May 4, 2019

Day 4

Miles Today: 27.55
Total Journey Miles: 120.2

Today started off feeling good. The rain came and was on and off for a few hours and again around the last two hours but nothing like the first two days.
My google maps app auto updated and rerouted me for some reason and I didn’t catch till about 7 miles in and at that point just had to go with it. It took me through so many hills and through the middle of no where.

Leaving Kentucky and getting into Tennessee I was hoping for less hills but it was about the same. The only difference was the hills in Tennessee looked like they were always drunk. I was really surprised they were still hills and hadn’t fall or thrown up rock everything by the looks of all the beer they had consumed.

I met a few more horses and met a blind dog named daisy who was 15 years old and was a total sweetheart! She makes up for the dog attack from the first day! She loved having her belly rubbed and her ears scratched!

With it being rainy and cloudy I wasn’t expecting to get much sun but lots of red skin  now.
The tan lines will be attractive right?

I did roll an ankle going over the very large Tennessee river bridge down my Paris landing.
So the next couple of days I’ll back the miles off some and let my ankle heal up.

Tomorrow I’ll be running to Tennessee Ridge and it’s looking like 22 miles from what I can see.
The biggest problem I have at the moment are gas stations and stores being so far apart. So if anyone comes  across me wants to get ice I would love you forever. Nothing stinks worse than 27 miles drinking hot water the whole time. Right now I’m doing good with honey stinger waffles  and cliff bars.

I want to give a huge shout out to Dover, TN VFW. They have provided me with a nice bed, shower, and a ride in the morning back to my gps location where I left off.

Side note: Body Armor Orange Mango is a life saver when I finally find a gas station. It has never failed to lift my mood and energy!

Second side note: I stop using my watch tomorrow (I may use it just this one last time till I figure out the InReach) but tomorrow I start using the Garmin InReach mini! I have subscribed for a unlimited gps ping every ten minutes. I still am over the moon about the donation from Brian Kelpe at Missouri Running Company! You have made this navy Veteran very thankful to be blessed with people like you!

Lastly, before I drift off asleep. Being alone in nature is such a soothing thing. The birds chirping and the wind blowing. Squirrels playing and snakes scaring you. It’s a great mind clearer.
For my veterans out there at need there mind cleared. Maybe take some weight off your shoulders for awhile. Go out in nature. Sit and just listen. Walk around and enjoy what has been put on this earth just for you! You have something inside all of you that would love to go check it out!
Ian’s if you can’t find help. Email me, comment on here, reach out to me and I’ll help the best I can or if I can’t help I’ll find someone who can! You are not alone! Vet lives matter! You matter!


  1. Continued prayers on your journey. I am so proud of your achievements so far. I hope the sun burn settles down and your ankle heals quickly. Thank You for bringing vet suicide the voice it needs!

  2. It’s your cousin Alyssa. I’m reading every day and sending prayers your way! You’re amazing!