Friday, May 3, 2019

Day 3

Miles Today: 23.2
Total Trip Miles: 92.65

Before I get into today I want to give a huge shout out to a a few people.
First: Bobby and Sherry Bollinger for taking me in, making my favorite broccoli cheddar chowder (having never made it before and it was amazing) and giving me a hot shower and a wonderful bed to sleep in. On top of that they took me around the lake and gave me a great rest of my day! Thank you so much for having such kind hearts and opening up your place for me today!

Secondly to Brian Kelpe at Missouri Running company for reaching out to others and getting me a Garmin InReach Mini. My watch gave me some trouble day two and today kept saying I was pacing at a 29 minute mile over and over. I’m not sure what is going on with it, but I am extremely grateful for the gracious gift and taking time out of your day and making this happen! You are such a blessing to have!
For anyone who doesn’t know Brian he is a humble and great guy, he owns the Missouri running company in Cape And poplar bluff. If you need anything or have questions about running he is the man to go to! He has all the gear and shoes you could want!

Today, was a great day. I felt great, the sun wasn’t out but somehow got burned still.... only doing 23.2 before noon really made me want to keep going but I couldn’t pass up a hot meal, a hot shower, and wonderful people!

Tomorrow I head into Tennessee. Not actually 100 percent how far being that there is a huge conservation area, so I’ll either make it all the way to Dover (35 miles) or I’ll find a nice spot before there. Tomorrow looks like rain most the day.


  1. Exciting to already read about your adventure just 3 days in. Rooting for you from Tulsa!

    God speed Dustin


  2. I’m really excited to follow your journey. This sounds like an amazing trip. If you could, please update with the following days running plan, and if you have any needs, so people can buy you lunch or nuun tabs, etc. Stay safe out there!