Sunday, May 26, 2019

Day 26

Today’s Miles: 27.67
Total Trip Miles: 730.05

Today was a great day! Jay Baker tagged along for the whole distance. He was an absolute blast to have out of the toads with me. The miles flew by. We set a good solid pace starting off this morning and the miles just fell as we went. I got to learn a little more about him and him learn some about me. We talked about some random thing and some things about each other: Jay was able to take some good photos and he did some videos while we were out. #theotherdustinjohnson
Overal Jay is a great guy who does some pretty cool things for charity. When I get done with this world run I’m going to swing back by and go on a ride with him. #Britian

Michael Balfe came this morning as well. He drove every couple of miles to meet us just to make sure we were doing well. After we got half way he was able to get out and run. He has done some Ironmans and sprints and it seems like he really just enjoys getting out there and just doing it. Whether it’s on a bike, in the water, or pounding the pavement. He is pretty cool and a great guy to spend the day running with. #Louisiana Michael was also gracious enough to take me for Mexican once our run was over today.

Jenny McPherson came about half way in and brought loads of ice and refreshments. A tub of ice big enough to bath in. She was a blast to be around. Very upbeat and she brought watermelon! Jenny thank you for coming out and being a part of all of this! It was a blast having you. #wisconsin

Jay was able to score me some new shoes from fleet feet! After awhile you jus they used to the shoes your wearing and you don’t notice the wear and tear on them as much. I will continue to wear the old ones till Myrtle beach before sending them home and retiring then but trying on the new ones my feet were already thanking me!

He grabbed me some compression sleeves for my arms as well. As everyone knowns in my last post it’s hot, so getting the sun off my arms is going to be a good thing.

I also want to thank Jenny for Fleet Feet where she lives for a UV shirt, some body glide, and sports beans. I will use them all thank you very much.

Overall fantastic day with fantastic people. The day started around 630 and ended just before 1. I couldn’t have asked for better. We finished right before it started getting really hot. (96-97)

I am staying in Carlisle. An old railroad and farming town. Super small but the mayor was willing to let me stay at the fire house. It was great talking to the mayor, the pastor, the fire chief, and it seems like a really welcoming and nice community.

Tomorrow I’ll be off towards Lancaster. Not sure exactly where I’ll land before there but looking for around 30 miles. Once in Lancaster I’ll have an off day (my first off day) before heading in to Myrtle beach to get ready for my flight to Peru.

I’m great on supplies, I’m trying  to lighten the load before Peru.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to talk three of you that came out today!

To my vets:

Everyday out here meeting new people prices that the world is in a much better place than the news says. Just hold your head up high, maybe your angel just hasn’t found you yet.

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