Saturday, May 25, 2019

Day 25

Today’s Miles: 29.70
Total Trip Miles: 702.38

Today was like most days. Hot. No tan lines are expert level.

When I was leaving the town I was in this morning I waited for an hour outside a gas station for it to open. The sign said 6am. At 7am it was still closed so I left. I ran the first 9-10 miles without any water.

At that point it was already hot and I was dying for something to drink. I came across this little gas station in a very small community. At the gas station I had a gentleman come up to me and ask how far I was running. (I love this question mostly due to the reaction when I tell them how far the journey is) I explained to him the 16,300 mile journey and the cause and dedication to the run. He loved it. The mans name is Tony Saxon. He was very kind and offered to say a prayer for me. We stood there heads bowed with not a care in the world as he spoke to God on my behalf. I was very thankful for his kindness and he blew me away when he even gave me a donation for my journey. Tony, you are a great guy. Truly down to earth. I appreciate the time you took out of your day to talk with me. Tony’s message was Isaiah 26:3. Tony later emailed me and let me into his life more. Tony, I stand strong with you, but from the conversation I had I will say this. You are a lighthouse. You stand strong and firm in the face of all the storms coming your way. You watch the waves crash around you as you smile bright flashing your lights letting those around you know there may be dangers ahead, because your a protector. Don’t stop being that guiding light, God runs through you and in our darkest days a lighthouse may be all the light we have. Stay strong Tony!

Today’s run was a good one. I had to on and off the road from time to time but I also had some alone time and plenty of room to just run. I’ve developed a good method of pushing the cart hard 10 feet or so in front of me and running and just keep pushing it as I go. Everything just feels right. One well oiled machine.

Tomorrow I am pumped for. I have a group of runners coming to run with me. Jay Baker being one of them who has already done a lot for me. Looking forward to meeting everyone in the morning! Hopefully my cart pushing pace isn’t to slow for you all. It should be a good solid 30 mile day!
Maybe running in this group it’ll help with traffic moving over and really open up the road.

To my vets:

Make me one promise?
If you ever are down on yourself. If you are ever thinking dark things. If you feel numb and have lost your sense of purpose, I need you to do two things.
1. Message me. Email me. Facebook me. Reach out and just say hey.
2. Tell me something in that message your passionate about. I want to know what drives you.
The love we have for things is why we do it. It’s the coals you have in your heart that are simmering.
Passion is that gust of wind that comes along and ignites you into a burning blaze. It’s what adds a endless source of fuel to the things you love.

The reason I want to know your passion is simple. I want to get to know you. I want to know what in this world you are the craziest about. It allows me to connect to you on a much deeper level without crossing any boundaries. Believe it or not, but I care about you. My brothers and sisters are one of my biggest passions in life. But if it were me writing the message I would tell you my biggest passion in life is the little moments. Everything in my life is built around the little moments. The things most people take for granted or over look everyday. The moments 30 years from now people would beg for again. I wake up each day as if it were on purpose and pursue it in the means to make a impact in little ways to everyone I meet.


  1. God bess you. I'm curious, what squadron were you in during your time in the USN?

    1. VAW-113
      World Famous Black Eagles out of Point Mugu, CA