Friday, May 24, 2019

Day 24

Today’s Miles: 29.41
Total Trip Miles: 672.68

Today was another hot one. I’m sure by now all of you reading this realize the last week has started off the same. Hot 🥵
Locals are interesting sometimes. It’s not the first time this has happened but giving directions or explaining what the roads are like can be funny coming from them.
They will tell me it’s just a mile or so up the road and it’ll be seven miles. Or they will say it’s only a 15 minute drive so maybe a hour running. I would be very impressed if I could run 15 miles in a hour pushing a 50 lb cart.
Then you have the ones that comment on me being sweaty and red all over and they tell me the next turn off is going to be shady and lot so of trees. Which never ends up happening.
The world is such a different place traveling by foot than by car.

This morning I had a turkey cross the road in front of me which was pretty cool. I didn’t see a gas station again for about 20-21 miles. It’s something that doesn’t seem to far when you are driving to but when it’s high 90s, no shade and it’s been hours, getting to a gas station is pretty satisfying.

I also want to tell everyone about something that happened today. If you donated any amount of money to me at any given point you in some way helped out a little girl today.
I came up on this little tiny town. I see a girl laying under a tree by a church and no cars or people in site. After coming out of the gas station she was still there. I kept my distance and asked if she was okay. After explaining that she was thirsty and hadn’t had much to drink all day I tried to get her to go to the gas station with me. It took her a little while to get the courage to go probably because I’m a stranger but she finally came with me. When we went inside I told her to get whatever she thought would make her happy and feel better. She got a small push pop ice cream, a Mountain Dew, and a snickers candy bar. In total it was about 5 bucks. She looked so happy, and she was dancing and jumping up and down going back over to the church. She later told me her dad was going through a hard time and she was waiting for him to get off work because they sleep at the church sometimes.
So any of you that donated, you reached out and helped a little girl today!

Today was also a day full of no shoulders on the road but what made it worse was the chest tall weeds that were all the way up and touching the white line. Getting on and off the road was a huge pain today. Luckily I did have the road to myself for about half of it, so I did get some great running in. But the other half was running for about a quarter of a mile then getting off for a few cars then running for a quarter mile and repeating. I still had a great run today it just took me a little longer there at the end. I could have easily have given up and just walked the last part but when I was thinking about it I told myself if I gave up on myself that easy then others may give up on themselves easily also. So I buckled down and told myself if I get through this maybe it’ll give the energy to someone who needs it and help them get through their day.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading towards Clinton. It should be a 26-27 mile run. Not exactly the distance I want but it’s close enough and someone has very graciously offered to get me a hotel room for the night. So a few miles short for a hotel room seems to be a good exchange since I have plenty of time to make up the lost miles.

Sunday I think I have a group or at least a few individuals coming out and running with me. Jay Baker has been dining an amazing job getting it all organized! I look forward to getting some miles with everyone. It’s going to be a fun 30 miles!

At this point as far as supplies I am pretty good. I am currently trying to evaluate things I will need and won’t need in South America so I can try and make my cart a little lighter. The Andes Mountains are going to be a fun climb.

To my vets:

Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, you will do more than simply survive. You will thrive in spite of it. HooYah!

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