Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Day 22

Today’s Miles: 27.50
Total Trip Miles: 612.51

First and foremost; Georgia you have treated me so well. The people in Georgia have hearts of gold. They have showed me that for every rude person down here there are three that seem to come and shine bright and outshine that rude one.
The police gave me another escort this morning which was very nice of them. They went about 6-7 miles before we hit the county line.
All in all not a bad thing I could say about the people down here in Georgia. If you have never been, maybe you should swing by some time and check it out.
As for the Georgia heat.... I will not miss you. You have wore me down and really made this whole last week a little more difficult than maybe it needed to be.
Also, for anyone that hasn’t been to northern Georgia.. it is hilly. Very very hilly. If you run trails and ultras. This could be a very good training area.

Again, today was hot, no shade, and I went 22 miles before ever seeing a gas station. So, once I got to the gas station I took a little break in the shade and sat down. I ate a little bit of ice cream, drank some Naked Green Machine, and just relaxed. I loved being able to just get out of the sun and relax but I kneeboarding I had to keep on moving. Google took me off the road and on another gravel road, this time it was worth it. It took me a little bit to find the entrance but it took me across an old bridge fully enclosed and a nice fast moving river below. Naturally I had to stop and get a little wet.

I had about 2.5 miles to get to Goldmine but I had been warned by several counties that there wasn’t anything there and I wouldn’t really be able to find a place to sleep. So unfortunately I did have to cut my miles a little short today but I am very happy that I at least got above 27. I am between Royston and Goldmine.

I want to thank Grace Hawkins for coming out and running with me the last couple days. I only have so many miles I can have someone with me but I enjoyed the 70+ miles we shared. We had our ups and downs out there and by that I mean all the hills. I think Grace especially after today understands what the heat does after a few days and how all the constant hills just breaks you down.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I’m going to shoot for Antreville which is an estimated 37-38 miles. I hope the traffic and roads let me get it done as fast as possible but mostly I hope the conditions let me make it that far before it gets to late. I’m trying to stick to my schedule as much as possible. I’m shooting for the 28th to be with my Aunt and Uncle in Lancaster before making my way to Myrtle Beach to catch my flight to Peru.

To my vets:

Today was day 22 for me.
As we all know 22 vets take their life daily.
I issue all of you a challenge. Starting today and ending Memorial Day

22 pushups daily

22 minutes running/jogging/walking

22 second and everyday where you grab your family, hold hands, and have a moment of silence for those men and woman that gave so much!


  1. I saw you on my way to work in Banks Crossing. Had no idea about your journey until I googled it. As a veteran myself and have been closely affected by suicide of my battles I appreciate you and what you are doing! I wish I would have known before actually seeing you this morning so I could have supported you. You are doing great things. Thank you.

  2. I saw you this morning too on 59 at Homer Gtocery . I mad at myself because I didn't realize it was you. I would have stopped or honked or something to help out. If you are talking about the old bridge on Wrights Mill Rd that is where I live . Our driveway is first driveway past the bridge. Hope you have a safe trip .

  3. it may not have been the bridge on our road since you said gravel .... but it would have been cool if you would have went across our bridge .... we have flags all the way across it on both sides