Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Day 21

Today’s Miles: 25.21
Total Trip Miles: 585.01

Today was a hot day again. Those days seem to be running together seemingly never ending at this point. No shade, just working my way from one side of an oven to the other day after day. Today I even had a 2.5 mile journey on a gravel, clay, and dirt road which just happened to be hilly. It was not very fun pushing the cart through that and up those hills. Grace got to experience what it was like to run on roads with no shoulder and lots of cars, to run in the heat with no shade, and to experience a day in the life of my world run. It was a good day over all. Had lots of dogs say hello, some other animals as well. Ran past some creeks and seen some snakes. 

The only down side to the day was a little ache in the inside of my right knee. Doesn’t seem like it’s going to be anything to serious, just a little rest and I think it’ll be just fine. I assume it’s from all the hills both up and down, but mostly going down trying to stop the cart from taking off on me. All in all, nothing to really worry about. 

We arrived in Commerce at a decent time and actually had two wonderful ladies stop by and ask us to dinner. They were very sweet and incredibly kind. They are wanting to set up a meet and greet and a send off party in the morning so I’m looking forward to that! Megan Kidd and Katie Griffin were such a pleasure to talk to and spend a little time with. I really appreciate everything you are doing for me and I know I can’t repay you for it, but my heart burns a little brighter because of the kindness you are showing me! The words thank you don’t quite say enough, but it’s all I can say. 

Tomorrow, is going to be a great day! No more of these shorter days like yesterday and today. Tomorrow I’ll get back up to the 30 mile days I enjoy the most. I’ll be running to Goldmine from Commerce taking some back roads and just enjoying the day. Hopefully no traffic and I can just pound away at the pavement for awhile!

I also want to thank Kasey Garrison and Steven Garrison for being so kind as to keep a eye on the toad for when I was coming by and to bring me a Gatorade and some water! I can’t thank you enough! I had went all day without a single place to stop so I was ready for something move and cold! Kasey, coming from a navy family as well, I want to thank you for showing interest in serving our country as well! The Navy would be proud to have you some day if you decide that path!

To my vets:

Most days I talk about being down and out, and trying to find our way back.
Today I just want to say thank you for your service. Thank you for doing what less than 1 percent will ever do. Thank you for giving up your time, energy, mind  and body to a country like ours. Even though not every understands and not everyone supports you. You are the reason they are here today having the rights to do what they do. You are the reason we have our freedoms. Thank you to my brothers and sisters, to the moms and dads that had to leave their families, to the sons and daughters that left home, thank you for riding your hand and taking an oath that never ends and last a lifetime. Thank you for fighting for the red, white, and blue. You are the people that matter most in this world, not the celebrities, not those that don’t know a days worth of hard work, but each and every one of you veterans are the backbone and foundation of this great country. Be proud of who you are! Not many can stand beside you and say they know the feeling to put that uniform on. 

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