Monday, May 20, 2019

Day 20

Today’s Miles: 20.1 (Got stuck between towns and it was either 20 or 47)
Total Trip Miles: 559.8

Today was a good day. Started the morning with the Dawson County Police Department escorting me a few miles, then Forsyth County picked up at the county line and escorted me a few miles. I ran about 3 more miles without an escort before Hall County came and escorted me a few miles. Thank you to all the officers that gave up time out of your day to help me out and keep me safe! It was very appreciated and I enjoyed every second, even the big hills that took me awhile to get up pushing 50 lbs. Not once did they make me feel like I had to speed up going up those hills.
(It’s super cool to be running and look back to see the flashing lights with a mile long stretch of cars) to those cars, I’m sorry if you were late to where you were going.)

At the end of the day with just about 3 miles to go  a gentleman came running up and finished the day with me. Brandon Lail, was a pleasure to run with for the short time we got to run and chat. He is a great trail runner and a really cool guy.

I had a pleasure to run with Grace Hawkins all day. She was fun and she loved every second of the police escorts and the people driving by staring at us. She seen some of the examples of how close cars get and how there’s no shoulder in places but for the most part she got to enjoy a day of open
Roads thanks to the kind officers! She also got to experience how push 50 lbs up a hill feels.

Only going 20 miles we arrived in town around 1130, Grace treated me to Panera and I got my absolute favorite Broccoli Cheddar Chowder. I have to admit, Sherrie Bollinger, yours was much better! So thank you again for that!

Tomorrow we will be working our way towards commerce. Should be about a 27 mile run.

Tonight, I have Denise Dillon and Chris Lawson from Atlanta, GA coming to Gainesville to do an interview. They were an absolute blast to have out here. Denise is a runner and has done a ton of marathons. She was fun to talk to. Chris did a great job getting all the film they wanted. All and all I really enjoyed and am humbled to have had them come out to talk with me. It really means a lot to be able to get my cause out there and have more people start thinking about our veterans. I also did 2 phone interviews today with different newspapers in the local area down here.
One lasted about two miles while I was running this morning and that’s when Grace took over the cart.

I want to give a big shout out to everyone who keeps supporting me and giving me encouragement! It means the world. I look forward to continuing this journey and sharing it with all of you!

To my vets:

Everyday I’m out here, whether it’s hot, cold, raining, hailing, strong winds, or I’m having a hard time. I’m fighting everyday just as you are. I’m fighting those battles with you. It’s me and you and I’m not backing down so you shouldn’t either. You are strong and you can overcome anything!
Hooyah brothers and sisters you are why I am out here doing this!

KFS-12 will be running a big story on me tonight.
I’m not sure when Fox5 news will wire theirs.
The Cherokee Tribune newspaper released their article and it was a fantastic read!


  1. You are one of a kind!! Keep your mind strong and keep your eye on the prize. We are all rooting for you near and far. Good speed and prayers for a safe journey!!

  2. You are an amazing Patriot supporting a very important cause! This USMC wife and mom Thank You! Prayers of safe and friendly travels!

  3. Hi! I think what you’re doing is so great! Are you on Instagram or Twitter by chance?

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  5. The story Adam King from KFVS 12 did on you tonight was so good!! It left me wanting more. I hope there is more to the story!

  6. Fox 5 told your story on the 530 am showing on Tuesday. You are inspiring the world.

  7. Amazing brother. Trying to see your route, which way you headed?

  8. Dustin Johnson is a Navy Veteran who faced major adversity returning home from service. Today Dustin is on day 21 of his 16,300 mile journey to run around the world. His goal is to spread awarness of veteran mental health and suicide rates. Here is his story.

    To donate to Dustin's run or to learn more you can visit:

    or his go fund me page