Sunday, May 19, 2019

Day 19

First and foremost I want to say something. It was not the Sgt fault for the city of Canton. I want to let everyone know that he simply was informing me of the rules. I have the utmost respect for my brothers in blue. He did nothing wrong. Had the circumstances been any different and I had notified them a little sooner we would have been able to reach an agreement I guarantee. The couple of hours that were at hand was between myself and the police department. So, if your reading this... I am 100 percent at peace and still hold that city highly in my regards. It’s a beautiful city and had some wonderful people that I passed going through it. So, with that all being said. There is no “beef”, it was simply just a misunderstanding and I have talked with the police chief and we are both on the same page. So, if anyone is on Facebook or calling them still then the time has passed and it’s in the past. Remember 90 percent of circumstances feature an outcome on how you react. The misunderstanding allowed me to stay at a veterans park. Everything worked out. I was safe and had a place to sleep.
To the people of Canton. Keeping doing what your doing. You have a beautiful city and your police chief seems like a great guy, maybe when I get done with the run I’ll swing back by and meet some of you!
To the Sgt (I know your name but no need posting it here, you know who you are) my deepest apologies is anything negative came your way about our conversation. You handled everything professionally and as compassionately as possible. Keeping doing your thing and don’t let any of this get to you!

Now my day!

I had a full police escort for my first 8.3 miles. Deputy Testa at the Cherokee County Sheriffs Department stuck with me the whole way. He brought me some Gatorade in the morning and throughout our miles together showed me just how great not only an officer he is but also a great human being. 5 miles in I wanted to grab a banana real quick and he stopped and chatted with me. He helped keep traffic the whole 8.3 miles as far as possible from me and just let me run. Once we got to the county line we stopped and chatted for a little while. It was great to just be able to just hold a solid conversation with someone like Deputy Testa. Cherokee county you have yourself a fine officer and great role model for the kids in that area!

I didn’t hit a gas station till around mile 20 and was able to get some ice since it is still hotter than anything I’ve felt in awhile down here with direct sunlight.

With about 5 miles to go Dawson County pulled up beside me told me he wanted to escort me all the way into town. The last 5 miles had some hills but other than that it was another great 5 miles of running. Traffic was very understanding and supporting. Heard several people clapping and yelling positive things towards me. It made the 5 miles fly by! Deputy Smith was was very helpful keeping cars away by also getting in the radio and letting me know which way I would be turning so I didn’t have to look at my phone. Alec Pearson (K9) blocked some roads for me and I appreciate your help. If your reading this Mr. Pearson there was a moment when I seen your K9 tag on the car that I thought to myself if someone goes crazy you hotness my back which helped running through so much traffic. Jeff Johnson (Sheriff) I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to let your guys help me out.

Tomorrow will be a journey towards Gainesville, Ga. Shouldn’t be to bad with the exception of the heat. I’ll have a running partner tomorrow also. Came all the way from Illinois to get some miles in before I leave the country.

To my vets:

I know you may be fighting that shadow. Fighting that battle a lot of people can’t see. Most will never understand. But if you keep your face to the sunshine, you cannot see that shadow. You can put the sword down and relax. You can enjoy the day!

Oh yeah Total  Trip Miles: 539.7


  1. Your Absolutely an Amazing you man!! I don’t know you personally but I’m very proud of you! Thank you for your service and what your doing to help all vets! May God be with you through your journey and all my prayers are with you. ����������

  2. How lucky we are that you are taking us on this journey with you! Love the days you get to just run!!

  3. Can you post your route so we can try to bring more awareness and support for you? Cherokee Veterans Park is where I go almost every day but didn't know that you were there until it was too late. I would love to help you going forward. So do you have a route you could share and a Facebook or other social media page?

    God bless you and I am so sorry I didn't know about this earlier. Again, I and I am sure many more would love to help!!!

    1. This is Dustin's Mom, Tina. Dustin has a Facebook group you can join. Dustin Johnson's World Record Run. We do have route information posted to Myrtle Beach. He will catch a flight from there to Lima Peru. The maps are on this site. You just have to go back a couple pages. Dustin Tyson to post here himself each night. The Facebook page is alittle more active.

    2. Thank you. I just asked to join the Facebook group

  4. Nothing short of a blessing! Thank you!

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  6. keep on keeping on my friend.