Friday, May 17, 2019

Day 17

Today’s Miles: 29.7
Total Trip Miles: 481.3

Today was a Hot Georgia day.. not much shade. I probably drank as much water as I poured all over myself. I passed a shooting range that didn’t like me in the area but I passed by fairly quick with him following me on a four wheeler. A little later in the day I passed a school right as it was getting out.... it took me almost 45 minutes to just cross the street. I ended up running out of water with about 7 miles left and absolutely no gas station in sight.

I ended the day at Sam smith Park. The “park” is literally just a huge open area with no trees and a track going around it. So tonight I’ll be camping out in the open and no shelter with a storm headed my way. So, if you talk to the rain Gods let them know where I am so they will be merciful towards me.

Tomorrow I’ll be going to Buffington which should be a solid 30-31 miles. Tomorrow is suppose to be another hot cloudless day. Hopefully there will be plenty of places for food and water! Today I unfortunately didn’t get much food.

I look forward to finishing the day and hitting that 500 mile mark! Still a long way to go but having little goals along the way I hope helps!

Up to this point I’ve enjoyed almost everyday and my time out here! I hope that never fades! Sure there may be a bad moment but the close of everyday always ends on a high!

To my vets:

It doesn’t matter what challenges lay in front of you, when you know who stands behind you!
I stand behind each and every one of you to the fullest!
Once a brother or sister always a brother or sister!!


  1. Good bless you well tonight, be strong, Army strong...or Baby strong. Lol.