Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Day 15

Today’s Miles: 29.45
Total Trip Miles: 424.30

Today started off typical to the last few days. Lots of sun and lots of traffic with no room. About 3 miles in I ended up getting about 7 miles of backroad with very very little traffic and I was able to just pick up the pace push the cart out in front of me and run. I loved every second. I ran like I hadn’t ran in years! After the 7 miles was over unfortunately I had to get back out on a road with traffic and no shoulder. One of these days I’ll get a few days in a row with just back roads!

I met all kinds of dogs today, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were 25-30 total and mostly all of them came over for some belly rubs! I even had one follow me for about 8 miles to a gas station where he caught more interest in the food there and decided to stay behind. I have two little beagle puppies some jerky because they just seemed so hungry.

There is a trail for runners and cyclist that is 61 miles long and is suppose to be just absolutely gorgeous and I’ll be hoping on that tomorrow and taking it to Cedartown from which I will then continue on till the trail is over.

The sun has still been hot, so between sunscreen and long sleeves I’m hoping it’ll keep me from getting to burnt. It sprinkled for about an hour today and honestly that felt so good!

Today for where I stopped, I was jogging down the road and seen an American Legion and I still was up for debate as to exactly where to stop so I crossed the road and knocked on the door and asked if I could put my tent up out back. They told me I could but later warned me of fire ants so tonight I’ll be sleeping on a picnic table under a patio. All the people were so nice at the American legion! They welcomed me with  open arms and let me sit around and chat for awhile. I met a man that survived the Forestall fire and got to hear his story which was really cool and meet a man that did a ton of time in Alaska. All in all, I’m glad I decided to stop there!

To my vets:

There is something special in having the ability to look at yourself and see what you need to change. There is something even more special about seeing what needs to change and actually trying.
I have respect for each and every veteran out there, and I don’t know what your going through. What I do know is you can still be that anything you wanna be like when you were a kid. Your options in life are wide and stretch far. Some would say because your a veteran they stretch further than most.
Don’t be scared to change a little bit so you can sore ugh and at and teach those life goals you’ve always wanted! You got this!

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