Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Day 14

Today’s Miles: 27.23
Total Trip Miles: 394.85

Today was a good hot day. No clouds just the sun all day. I actually wore a hoodie and pants most of the day to just keep the sun off of me. The sunscreen does an okay job but it’s nice giving your skin a break every now and then. Unfortunately I didn’t have a shoulder to run on all day. 431 and 77 were just super busy and did a lot of skipping on and off the road. The past few days have really made me miss those days I was in the middle of nowhere and didn’t have any traffic. Maybe once I get into Georgia they actually pave roads with shoulders.

Today was the first day I really had any problems with a town. It wasn’t anything to serious but they clearly didn’t want me staying here. It’s a small town with no hotels or anything so I didn’t have much of a choice other than the public park since it’s open to anyone. The police captain just didn’t want to deal with all the homeless phone calls and bad stigma I would bring while here. They sent out a police officer to verify my authenticity. The officer was super nice and was a marine veteran but he said the captain just didn’t understand and didn’t care. I am able to stay at this little park, because it’s not against the law but the officer did warn me about it staying really busy and it’s popular with teenagers at night. It’s just sad the police captain wouldn’t come down himself to hear my story instead of just sitting and complaining about it.

If you don’t want to hear a rant skip this paragraph.
I don’t like ranting because things don’t really get to me like that. So, I will only say this once. If you are driving and there is someone on the side of the road walking, running, cycling, crawling, or using any form of transportation including their feet, they have every right to the road as a car. Cars are not the only thing legal on a road. With that being said, if you pass someone and it works you up so much you feel the need to honk, yell, scream, cuss, or throw something it shows a lot about your character. You honking does absolutely nothing to us trying to get where we are going. But it’s really sad that 1-3 seconds of your day... just a couple seconds of an interaction can work someone up the way it does... and it’s even more sad if it works you up so much that you get where your going (like a gas station) and you complain there because you kept it with you for some long. It’s just a few seconds everyone.... just a few seconds. (P.S. I’m working on getting an air horn so I can have some fun and honk back) “Hate - - - it causes a lot of problem in this world and has never solved a single one.”

Tomorrow I’m hoping for a shoulder to the road... I’ll be working my way towards piedmont which will be about 32-33 miles. The officer told me I’ll have a gas station right outside of town but then it’ll be 30 miles before I see anything else as far as stores. The toads are still traveled a lot but they won’t be highways. Hopefully that’ll give me some nice good running room where I can just get in a good pace and go. It’s been a little bit since I’ve been able to just stride out and find a good pace and run. It’s been a lot of stop and go, stop and go, get off the road, run a little bit then get off the road again. My legs are ready to stretch out some and just enjoy a nice smooth paced day.

To my veterans out there!

Every positive change in your life starts with a clear, unequivocal decision to either do something or stop doing something.

All you have to do is take that first step and start or stop anything that prevents you from moving forward. You can do this, I have faith in you, the world has faith in you, and never forget you have brothers and sisters all around the world that will let you lean on them or take that first step with you or come and help you with any step of it gets to hard. We as U.S. veterans will have something less than one percent of American will ever have. We will have a family that was built from blood, sweat, and tears out there serving our country.

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