Sunday, May 12, 2019

Day 12

Today’s Miles: 28.33
Total Trip Miles: 338.42

Today was a rough day. It took me a few hours longer to get where I was going than normal. The morning started out fine, was moving along nicely and got 5.5m in the first hour, quickly after I hit my one mile marker I turned onto a highway. The highway was very traveled and traffic was thick. There was no shoulder on the road and I spent a lot of time going on and off the road. Unfortunately I didn’t get a shoulder to the road til I had about 5 miles left in the run. It rained on me for a couple hours which made navigating the highway and traffic a little more difficult. Luckily, not everyday will be like this. The constant moving forward and the stopping then moving and stopping wore me out more than I had anticipated.

At the end of the run, Nick picked me up again right before the town of  Grant and the large Mountain climb. Which is going to be a fun climb in the morning!!! Tomorrow I’ll be heading towards Albertville. Aprox. 27-28 miles.

I want to thank Nick Vivian and his family again for housing me, feeding me, and letting me be apart of his Mother Days dinner! I want to let the world know... Nick Vivian can cook, like he can put some food down on the table that doesn’t disappoint! Fantastic cook! His parents were wonderful to talk to and they were such sweet people!

Tomorrow the road looks like it should have a big shoulder with plenty of running room once I get up the mountain. I’ll be crossing 5 different bridges which will be fun if they go like the previous bridges. Tomorrow will be a good day! I can just tell! After today being so rough, tomorrow will be great!

To my vets out there!
I want you to get up, walk to the mirror, look at yourself.
And repeat after me.
I have dreams that are worth more than my sleep.
I have ambitions that will not get done laying down.
I have goals that can’t be completed with my eyes closed.
I promise myself starting today I will open my eyes, wake up, and become someone that dreams with their eyes open!

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  1. Dustin, it was wonderful to have you spend time with us! I'm amazed and inspired by you! Run safe and cannot wait for you to come back and visit!