Saturday, May 11, 2019

Day 11

Today’s Miles: 28.34
Total Trip Miles: 310.09

Today was mild weather, not to hot and not storming thankfully!
It was a tough run just for the simple fact that there were so many cars and absolutely zero shoulder to the road. Spent a lot of time on and off the road.

Unfortunately today, something happened to my portable charger. After leaving a gas station to use the restroom and grab a body armour I noticed my gps was no longer connected to the cord... it was gone. Thankfully my mother was able to try and order one offline but it was a bigger hassle than Walmart could handle apparently. It took Nick and myself going to Walmart canceling the order and just buying the one they had in the store.

A big shout out to Deputy Morris Holmes of the Madison County Sherries office. He pulled me over and didn’t judge or get serious. He simply asked if I was okay and then asked if I had ate anything lately. As I was telling him I really hadn’t (the truth) he said keep going I’ll meet up with you again. He cane back with a drink, some fries, and a burger from Arby’s. Such a great guy to be so selfless and go out of his way to do that. I hadn’t even told him my story or anything at the time he just did it because he cared.

Lastly, Nick Vivian and his wife. Thank you for housing me and feeding me tonight! I have had a great time getting to know your family and having military reminiscing moments. The food was absolutely  amazing and I’ll never be able to thank you enough! The even sweeter and more gracious thing is.... they even offered to pick me up again tomorrow when I stop for the day so I can have good food and a bed again! So not only once but they are willing to take me in twice! Driving out of their way several times just for me! It really makes me feel full inside  and be grateful for the people around me! Nick, you are a wonderful man and veteran! You are the good in this world! Thank you for blessing me with everything you have been so willing to help with!

Tomorrow I’ll be running from where I stopped near Alabama A&M University to Grant, Alabama where Nick is going to pick me up again. Estimated 29-30 miles.

To my vets:
Believe in yourself!
Have faith in your own abilities!
Without Humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers
You can not be successful or happy!
Live to be happy for you and no one else! Start with you and once you are happy those around you will feel your radiance and enjoy being around you!

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  1. With our Nation so divided right now, your journey is bringing back my faith that great people are still out there caring about others. Hope your ankle is feeling better! Carry On