Friday, May 10, 2019

Day 10

Today’s Miles: 27.7
Total Trip Miles: 281.75

Today was suppose to rain most of the day. Luckily I only got a very short period of it half way through the run. Other than that it was very muggy and warm. Had to keep a long sleeve shirt on due to some possible blisters forming on my arms, (yes, I sunscreen)

I was blessed to have been stopped by David Hamm and his wife! Lovely people, and such kind hearts! They filled me up with ice and water, even got me a Gatorade. They had got a huge bag of jerky at Branson and they had a tin of homemade crackers and so generously gave them to me. Thank you so much for being so kind to me and helping me along the way!

Just a few miles before stopping for the day I was stopped by a local journalist which was very kind and supportive. She asked simple questions and didn’t keep me to long. If you live local near Fayetteville you will find my story in your paper very soon!

It’s suppose to rain, so the local police station is letting me stay at a park under a pavilion since it has a roof. Food for tonight will be some tuna and crackers I have in my box.

Tomorrow I’ll make my way to Huntsville which was the reason for the change of route. The military base in town there. It’ll be about 32-33 miles and there has already been a very kind offer to help me out once I get there whether it’s food or shelter I’m not sure but I’ll be very thankful for anything!
Tonight it’s calling for rain all night and most of the day tomorrow.

For my vets,
If your down and out
You sleep all the time and eat very little
You are missing that sense of purpose you once had
The connections with your brothers and sisters in arms
I challenge you to wake up, get a good solid meal in, and reach out to the community. It can be a shelter, it can be a local race, it can be for other vets, it can be for anything. But I promise you once you take those steps towards helping those around you, you will find yourself again! Stay true to who you are and don’t forget that those who have fallen before you are looking down from above trying to help you stay strong!


  1. Dustin I welcome you to my home! You are doing a wonderful endeavor! Tomorrow there is food, shower, laundry, and a bed waiting for you.

  2. I feel for you and that sunburn! You are doing great! I am so proud of your accomplishments so far and how humble you are with all the generous people helping you out! You’re message is getting the attention it so deserves! I will continue to pray for you! Carry on