Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Day 1

Today was a interesting first day. 

Rain over half The distance today ✔️
Strong head winds most of the day ✔️ 
Attacked by a dog (a few bloody claw marks on my leg/ teeth got my shorts) ✔️
Had to get across a 6 mile levee with no shoulder and a gnarly drop with lots of traffic ✔️
Had to make it across two 1 mile bridges with no shoulder while people yell and scream ✔️ 

I got 7 more miles in than what was originally planned. Mostly due to the storm they say is moving in with heavy rains and strong winds tomorrow. Total on day 1 is 35.5 miles. Started in Benton l, Missouri crossed the bridge into Illinois crossed the bridge again to end up in Kentucky. Camping a public park for the night. 

Lessons from today: 
There are clearly two types of people around here. One moves over on the road, one may stop and ask if your okay and need anything. The other moves closer and honks or yells vulgar language. The other speeds up and doesn’t care. 
Not sure why people feel in a rush. I move out of the way the best I can. 
For the people that stopped, you’re wonderful individuals! 

I didn’t really hit the pace I was wanting but the levee and bridges just took a good amount of time. Not that pace matters, I still got my miles in. 

Lastly, to everyone supporting me and praying for me I love you all and your greatly appreciated! 
Bryan at Missouri running company it was great having run three miles this morning and to my brother and mom doing what you do! 💪🏻

For everyone that knows a veteran. Don’t forget to check on them from time to time, even the strong ones, they need it too! 


  1. I truly hope this journey gives you more encounters of the first type of people. I like to believe there are more of them in the world than the second type. I suppose you will be able to determine if that's accurate running around the world, pretty cool. Keep moving forward!!!

  2. Good thing you are the true meaning of the second type. While going over the bridges they didn't even bother you! How they didn't I dont even know.

  3. Congrats buddy, I will be following your progress and wish you all the luck in the world.

  4. Run strong bud. On my mind my pubg friend.