Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Just so everyone knows my interview with KFVS-12 will air tomorrow at 6 and 10. It will be the short version. The full version will air the week of memorial weekend during the Veterans Week showcase they do.

For anyone who wants to donate my paypal for the world run is:
Any amount helps

My GoFundMe is under fundraiser on this blog.

If you would like for me to put a loved ones name or someone you knows name on my shirt or cart, contact me at

If you want to put a business logo on my cart of shirt also contact me at

I am now officially two weeks out.
I have confirmed again with the World Runners Association that my record attempts will be the following.
*First American
*Fastest American
*First American Solo
*Fastest American Solo
*Youngest in the world
*Youngest American
*Fastest Solo in the World
*Fastest 20-29(team) in the World (Even though I don't have a team)
*Potentially Fastest Overall (Again I don't have a team)

For everyone following this journey I greatly appreciate it!

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  1. Dad and I are so proud of you!! We are (I am) a nervous wreck!!! But super proud!! Love you so much!!