Monday, April 22, 2019

9 Days Out

Had Adam King with KFVS-12 at the house again. He had to get some more footage of me running before they aired the preview of my show.

Today, I did a lot of route planning and finalizing for my trip from here to South Carolina. It feels good putting some of the trip in stone but also wakes me up to the reality of myself leaving in just over a week.

Have still been facing a some of bad vibes and negative attitude towards my run,
As I have told many, "if you have to ask why, you will never understand."

To anyone following this:

Live your life for no one but you; you don't have to please anyone but yourself with your goals. Those who love you will glow seeing you immerse yourself in your passion.


Everyone wants to be there for your success, but not many want to be there for the struggle.
Find those people that come along in your life like a soft breeze that gentle stokes those simmering coals that are deep inside you.



Check on those veterans that may seem the strongest. Sometimes those are the ones that need it the most.

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