Wednesday, April 24, 2019

7 Days Out

Had a great time with my interview this morning with Faune Riggin at KZIM/KSIM out of Cape.
For anyone that wants to listen to it you can go to the KZIM KSIM website ( and under Podcast there will be a picture of me and the title Race Around the World. It's about 15 minutes long.


Let the nerves come rolling in now. I know my family is starting to get more anxious as each day seems to pass so quickly.

I still have my GoFundMe open for anyone willing to donate its called Race Around the World. Or Paypal using my email address.

Looking forward to seeing what Adam King was about to put together for their news promotion for me. Hopefully that will be out soon.

For everyone following this journey I am extremely thrilled for you to come along this adventure with me! I will be sure to get many pictures and write all about my experiences along the way!

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