Thursday, April 11, 2019

20 Days Out

20 Days Out

I had a interview with Adam King KFVS-12 today. What a great guy. I am very pleased with the way he is handing the story and how he wants to put it out to the community. He plans on a small run within the next couple of days and then during the memorial week showcase he plans on doing a bunch bigger story run. I will be in South Carolina when it runs, but nonetheless very grateful for the opportunity to be apart of their veterans week.

Training has been going well. The cart (which is packed and ready to go) Is weighing in at around 20 pounds at the moment. I know I will lose things as I go because I  know I overpacked to be safe. My ideal weight will be around 12-15 pounds.

I want to give a huge shout out to anyone that has supported me in any way so far and anyone that wants to help me along the way.
I would be more than happy to put business logos, names, or anything you want on my cart or apparel if you want to help be apart of this wonderful journey. I would also be happy to take pictures with your gear in cool places around the world if you want to be apart of the journey.

To everyone following the blog.
I will try my best to post daily while I am gone. In the States I know it will be possible but once im in south America I am not sure how service will be but I will do my best.
I will be posting pictures, videos, stories from my journal, and anything that helps bring you along with me while im out there.
I will start posting daily on here when I am 14 days out.

Thank you to everyone reading this!

For anyone who doesn't know, my cause is suicide awareness. If you know a veteran or you know someone who could use someone to talk to I encourage you to reach out to depression2extinction and they would be more than happy to help out! 22 a day is way to many! We need to help our veterans who fought hard for years helping us in a way most people will never understand!

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