Friday, April 19, 2019

12 Days Out

12 days...

I'm not sure what happened with the news story last night. It seemed they may have been running behind on air so they weren't able to get to it. Ill keep everyone updated when I find out more.

On the 24th ill be with kzim ksim radio station and speaking on their talk show.

I started to pack my cart how its going to be on the day I take off. I didn't think it would be as hard as it is to figure out what I want where depending on weather or how quick I may want/need something out. I only have about 3 things left to get and I will have everything I need for my journey with the exception of monetary funds coming in the form of uncalculated expenses or fees/emergencies like getting hurt, the prices of flights going up more than expected when I get closer to flying to each country, and daily allotment for food could always be better than $4.50. So, for anyone who may want to donate, the previous things are what that money would be going towards. The first thing being a small emergency fund for my physical wellbeing. The second being my daily food ratio going up to about 6 dollars a day leaving me feeling much more comfortable. The rest would then be for unexpected fees in countries or flight fluctuations that cant be truly predicted till ready to purchase the flight.

Lastly for today, I will dial training down by the middle of next week to give my legs a break before I head out then lead into a small milage the first day, a big jump doubling my milage the second day, then back down for a few weeks to get used to it all and help prevent and early injury.

Donations can be on paypal at:

or under the fundraiser tab on this blog is my gofundme.

I greatly appreciate anyone willing to dontate regardless of how much!
I am making a list of everyone that donated $25 or more.
This list will be used once the run is completed in sending out thank you cards, completion t-shirts, and anything else that may come up along the way.

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