Sunday, April 21, 2019

10 Days out / Easter Sunday

Today has been lovely. My nieces both gave me something they want me to take on my world run to think of them. My niece Jacey gave me a drawing and Kambri gave me a blue rock she found.
They had a great time hunting Easter eggs at my house, but they both said I hid them to difficult. 

From a previous day, I did find out what happen with the KFVS news story that was going to air this past Thursday. They will be coming tomorrow to interview me again with a few more things before airing it Monday April 22nd at 6 and 10 and then the full story on memorial weekend. 

For anyone interested in a shirt, The logo is below. The price is 20 dollars plus shipping. The shirt colors are white or grey. Any size available. Comment on the post here or email me for an order. The top image is front and the bottom image is the back.

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  1. I would like to order an xl grey t-shirt if they are still available. I live in Oran and can pick it up from your mom in Lambert.