Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Benton, MO - Myrtle Beach, SC

I have calculated the average distance everyday and where my approximate stops could be. Nothing is final because anything can happen out there. I am also wanting to keep the mileage on the low side for this first month for I have a long trip ahead of me. Most days are around 20-25 but I did throw in a few high 30 mileage days. My total average estimate is 29.1 miles a day or 46.8 km a day.

Taking it slow this first month (to avoid injury) I have planned for 33 days from Benton, MO to Myrtle Beach, SC. I do not plan on a rest day till I hit Lancaster, SC where I have family and will take a day or two to see them and resupply for South America. Once I get to Myrtle beach I will also take a day so my family in Missouri can meet me at the airport and say goodbye before I leave the states for over a year. My goal is to fly to Lima, Peru around the 7th of June, if everything goes as planned. This pace does not affect my record attempts in anyway I will be right on track.

Early on I don't want to get to caught up with the records and what could be if I finish in time. I want to learn to enjoy this adventure and enjoy my running everyday. But there will be a point in time when I have to buckle down and just get it done. Till then, I want to enjoy the pounding of the pavement, dirt, gravel, and everything else I will be running on.

If I am running near you, I would be happy to hear from you. If you are a runner, it would be great to have someone to run with from time to time. I do have a rule of 95 percent of total mileage unaccompanied but will gladly take some runner friends along for this ride because overseas I don't see myself running with anyone else.
If you are not a runner, a bottle of water, or anything would be very nice as well.
If you don't want to do that, stop by say hey and sign my signature book!

If anyone is interested in where some of my stopping grounds may be let me know and I will send you a list.

For now here are some of them;
Benton, MO - Start
Murray, KY
Tenn Ridge, TN
Dickson, TN
Lynchburg, TN
Skyline, AL
Centre, AL
Carrolton, GA
Zebulon, GA
Macon, GA
Calverton, GA
Saluda, SC
Winnsboro, SC
Lancaster, SC
Peedee, SC
Myrtle Beach, SC

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


I have my Sketch pad, journal, and signature book for my world run.
The signature book will be used to get locals names and locations. It will make for a awesome book to have after it’s all done but it will also be used In case my watch or gps device fail or get stolen. This will help verify my path and where I went.
The sketch book will be used to just sketch cool things I happen to see along the way.
The journal will be used as a daily reference guide to how things went.
The dark book is the sketch pad, the middle book the signature book, and the lion book my journal.

Monday, March 11, 2019

North America

This is the estimated second half of North America.

The route is 8,145km estimated and is more than the 3,000km minimum.

Australia and New Zealand

This is the Estimated Australia Route and the Estimated New Zealand Route:

Australia reaching an estimated 4,100 km and New Zealand estimated 1,700 km which exceeds the minimum of 3,000 km.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Europe Route

This is the Estimated route for Europe, starting in Lisbon, Portugal and running to Istanbul, Turkey.

This route is 4,918 km which is more than the 3000 km minimum rule established under the WRA.

You may have to hit Car as mode of transport on the maps view instead of walking.

South American Route

This will be my estimated South American Route through Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.

This will be a estimated 4,683 kilometer journey which meets the minimum 3,000 km per continent rule.

Leave Date Announcement

On May 1st, 2019 I will be leaving on my journey. Starting in Benton, Missouri I will head southeast making my way to Lancaster, South Carolina before arriving in Myrtle Beach (where I will fly to Lima, Peru from.)
My estimated stops along the way will be as followed but up for change as per road conditions, traffic, and anything else that could happen along the way.

These are estimates of places I will be going through and what my route will look like. All stops are subject to change. The map represents the whole trip. My estimate is 24 days from Benton to Lancaster.