Thursday, December 19, 2019

Days 228-236

9 Day Total: 243.8
Trip Total: 5,625.9
184 Running days

These last 9 days have not gone as planned.
Only averaged about 27 over the 9 days but even had a 15 mile day in there.
No excuses but the conditions have been anything but friendly to me.

Over these 9 days I went from France into Belgium and Belgium into The Netherlands.
Brussels was a very large city with a great amount of diversity.
Didn’t get to see the Christmas markets due to them closing by the time I finished eating.

Maastricht is where I am currently.
This is my alternate route instead of going up to Amsterdam.
This city seems built for shopping.

Anyways, join my Facebook group for daily updates and a more detailed description of the past 9 days.
Dustin Johnson’s World Record Run

Be the light in their darkness!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Days 219-227

9 Day Total: 300.9
Total Trip: 5,382.1
175 Running Days = 30.7 average
227 Total Days = 23.7 average

(Most of the day she off we’re in Peru and Chile both times waiting on packages and after the truck hitting me.)

Finally made it to Paris. My numbers have been a little higher but it’s simply because I believe once it starts snowing it is really going to slow me down with this cart.

Next stop Brussels.

Also, I may skip Amsterdam and after Brussels head towards Germany.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Day 212-218

7 Day Total: 230.8
Trip Total: 5,081.2
166 Running Days

I am just north of Bordeaux, France on my way to Paris!

Again; for daily updates head to Facebook and join the group!
Im only getting just a few people on here so this will just be a weekly mileage update.
Dustin Johnson’s World Record Run

A few fun facts: I got to eat at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant for my birthday this past Friday thanks to three amazing people!

It’s slowly getting colder outside but the rain is an everyday thing. Less than 5 days the entire time in Europe without rain. Looking for an umbrella to mount on my cart after a friend of mine Tony suggested it. He’s currently walking the world and is from Ireland.

The more north I push the colder it’ll get. If it starts snowing it may slow me down some but that’s alright. As long as I keep moving forward.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Days 204-211

7 Day Total: 242.3 miles
Total Trip Miles: 4,850.4 miles or 7805.8 Km
159 Running Days
30.5 Miles a Day Average on Running Days

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I’ll still get on here once a week and upload mileage
Facebook and Instagram is just easier to update and I’m averaging about 6 views a post on here so it makes it difficult to wanna get on and write.

I am currently in Pamplona, Spain headed up into France soon!
It is slowly getting colder and it has rained everyday and every night sincerely I’ve been in Europe except maybe two combined.

I have about 185 miles to Bordeaux, France and originally I was hoping to make it there for my birthday on the 29th but I think I’m going to end up there on the 30th or the 1st of December.

I’ve been able to slowly catch up to the days I was cut short or fell behind while in Portugal. The days waiting on the new cart and then the 4 days of total nightmare navigation and run in with police.
Just a few more days adding extra miles when possible and I may be able to get back on schedule but we will see as the rain falls and turns to snow and the temperatures drop below freezing.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Days 199-203

5 day running total: 191.3
Trip total: 4,608.1

I tried to make a big push the last couple of days to get to Madrid on time for their Sunday flea market called El Rastro. I unfortunately didn’t make it by 3pm and missed it.

It rained on me most of the day and traffic towards the city was hellacious.
I arrived in Madrid between 515-530.
I am staying in a hostel for the night (the cheapest I could find) and it’s still almost 70usd.....

Averaging 38 miles over the last 5 days has showed me that if I want something I’ll put the work in regardless if its raining and freezing. It also shows that just because I want something doesn’t mean I’m going to get it because I still didn’t make it in time.

Madrid seems like a beautiful city. I arrived once the sun had started going down, but the buildings have lots of character and the streets are busy with life. Even in the rain people eat outside!?

I found a grocery store, (didn’t take much searching it’s pretty much below my hostel) and was able to get a few drinks and some pasta to stock up on.
I found a new tent and propane tank at a mountain climbing store also. It was expensive but I think it’ll be worth not waking up in water. Now to try and find new shoes but if I can’t I won’t let it hold me back and I’ll just put more miles on the ones I have on.

I found a store called Taste of America and I have to admit, highly disappointed in what they think American food is....but the locals and tourist seemed to love it.

My next goal is to get to Bordeaux, France. Originally it was planned for my birthday but the hold up in Lisbon will have me a few days short. Either way, I look forward to the wonderful food that city has to offer! It’s approx. 420 miles from where I am now or 14 days if all goes smoothly.

Thanks for following the journey!
Hope to post pictures tomorrow of Madrid since it’s dark out now.

***Be the light in their darkest moment***

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Today was a slow day. Boring, chilly, and the traffic seemed to careless about where I was, (luckily I always run facing oncoming traffic and can move if there is room.)

First day since I started Europe without rain!
As I posted earlier I am finally in Spain! Enough with Portugal let’s look onward.

I am camping, and Spain has some really interesting laws in “wild camping”, so we will see how it goes.

It honestly feels good to cook again without trying to find a way to keep the fire from going out.... 🤔

Tonight I’ll head to bed fairly early and get a good long nights rest!

The last 6 days I’ve been able to count 183 miles, but I’ve ran a total of 223.

183.3 for 6 days
4,416.8 total for journey

147 running days

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Day 192

Day was a slow disappointing 28 miles.
I ran into a few problems that was more time consuming than anything.

To start the day, I was headed to cross over a large bridge. Unfortunately, my cart was unable to cross no matter what I tried, so, after an hour of fighting it I left and headed north.

Heading North brought gravel, sand, and no paved roads. I finally was able to find another bridge to try and cross but it was a total nightmare but after more than a hour I made it the half mile + across. This bridge was so slim that cars had to move their mirrors in and still only had a few inches on each side. The railing on both sides has clearly taken many mirrors and swiped the sides of many cars.
It’s a single track bridge but has traffic from both directions. I had to pick up my cart over the railing and carry it just praying I didn’t loss my grip and it drop in the huge river that leads into the ocean.

Half way across the second bridge it started to rain. It wouldn’t have been to bad if I had been on paved roads but dirt, gravel, and sand is not fun when it’s muddy and wet.

Just to give everyone a heads up; there is going to be a huge fundraiser/event for the Navy/Army football game and I would love everyone to participate in the rivalry. One of the oldest rivalries out there! You’ll be able to be Team Navy or team army.
Stay tuned and it’s going to be an amazing event! 🙂🏃🏻‍♂️

Total Miles: 4,233.5
141 running days

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Zero running!

During this time I flew from Buenos Aires to Madrid then Lisbon.
I have been in Lisbon waiting on my new running cart and finally received it today a few days late.
Tomorrow I will begin my European leg if this journey!

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4,205 miles down!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Days 172-184

Miles: 407
Total: 4,205.5
140 Running Days 

Two days till I fly to Buenos Aires! 

Go check out my Facebook video! 

South America is done and getting ready to fly to Lisbon! 

Sorry that this post is really short, I had a big push to get to Buenos Aires when I did and didn’t really focus on updating the blog.
If your not following on Facebook, there’s daily updates there no matter what.

Dustin Johnson’s World Record Run

It’s ran by myself and my family, so if I can’t update it they do.

One day left in BA and tomorrow I fly to Lisbon! 

Friday, October 18, 2019

Day 170/171

Off Day and then today was 30.0 Miles.
First off day in awhile, it was pouring down rain all day and I needed to get some work done so it worked out.
3,795.5 Total Miles
129 Running Days

The off day went really well and I was able to get a lot done!
Today was great, hit 25 miles really quick then... the snake
You all will have to read the snake post! It was crazy!


Be the light in their moment of darkness!


Today, I must share a story with you. On this journey I have only had one animal encounter that truly had me worried. It was over a month ago coming down from the mountains and it was 3 very large “jungle cats”, (I don’t know exactly what kind but very big the police said probably a Jaguar since they were super common in the area at night)

Well today, I can add to the list.
I was just minding my own business running along the side of the road. The grass/weeds are tall where I am right now, in some areas,  as tall as my knees (I’m 6’3”).

Today, a very large snake, at least, 6-7 foot long and bigger round than a baseball bat tried to take me out.

As I’m running I notice small movement in a bush. I don’t think anything of it, it could be the wind, a rabbit, or many other things that occur everyday. Today was different. Out came this massive snake that was ready for a fight.

Needless to say I immediately jumped several feet into the air and my heart starts racing. He misses me and I land near the road with traffic flowing. I swiftly move around and get off the road and he’s still coming at me. He strikes again and I tried jumping over him. (At this point I also am contemplating kicking him extremely hard but talk myself out of it) I land and as I’m landing he is already striking at me again... this time his head/upper area hits my shin and I thought at that moment he got me, but he didn’t, just turned the skin red. He curls up at me and I’m now trying to just keep distance and run away but it’s hard with such tall bushes and traffic so thick I didn’t want to run into a bush with more of them. He strikes a final time and this time he lands on the ground before me and I land on top of him just behind his head. (Which freaked me out even more) luckily he didn’t want anymore of me after that and slowly slithered away into the brush but looking back at me as I ran very quickly away once I realized he was moving on. I get up to my mom (1/4 mile) with my hands on my head, face white, breathing heavy, and asked her if she seen what happen. I was still freaking out and was trying to get the words out....

After that, camping for my mom was out of the question for the night. And I’ll let her tell you all her side of the story!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Day 168/169

2 Day: 68.8
Total: 3,765.5
128 Running Days

Short post today. It’s been a long two days. Cold weather, lots of wind, and plenty of interesting animals.

The 4th largest species of spider in the world, a 6ft long snake curled up striking at me, and a greater rhea just a few feet away before taking off.

I’m in Bahia Blanca, headed up to Buenos Aires where I’ll fly out in the 31st. (That’s when my moms flight is. I have 400 miles of running left in Argentina and South America will be compete!

I’m sooo beyond ready for Europe!

Thank you to all the new followers buying shirts from Germany and Belgium! It means a lot!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Day 167

Miles: 30.0
Total: 3,696.7
126 Running

The weather was cold and windy all day. I had no pants due to finally finding a place to do some laundry, so it made for a cold day in shorts.

The first ten miles came quick and I felt great but that’s about when the wind picked up and slowed me down. Head winds that feel like razors on the face is not fun.

I did meet a friend today! I just add, this little guy was very confident. I touched him, moved stuff around him, and nevertheless he kept on doing his thing. (He’s like that quite guy of the ground that doesn’t talk because he knows what he is capable of) after getting a few pictures I let him be. I wasn’t about to let him make an example of me! What was this friend I met? A spider the size of my hand! No joke, it was literally that big! Crawled right in front of me and didn’t even care that I was touching it!

I am now just two days away from Bahia Blanca! Getting closer to a day off and to show my momma around!

15 days and I fly from Buenos Aires to Lisbon to start my European leg!

Oh hey! For any of you who haven’t thought about this.
You only have 3 months left in this decade, go make them count!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Day 165/166

Two Day Total: 65.5
Trip Total: 3,666.7
125 Running Days

The last two days have been really interesting for weather!
One day at 80 and a little hot then the night tempt at 35 the next day at 50 with strong cool winds.

Some cool animals that have been seen the last two days.
A huge rabbit!? Super long ears, legs way longer than normal, and much skinnier!
We seen a Greater Rhea! The cousin of an ostrich! Super cool, they are ridiculously fast and spook very easy. Hard to get a picture of but I think we got a few. They lift their heads and look at you and next thing you know they take off and don’t look back. Dust flying and they cover ground so fast.

Okay, funny story, it happened a few days ago but I forgot to tell everyone!
(It’s stormy outside)
I’m running down the side of the road in the grass and burrs and a police truck passes me and hits a U-Turn quick. The driver jumps out fast but his partner is very slow to get out and walk around the back of the truck. The guy asked my name and out of my adrenaline kicking in because of how fast they turned around and got out I yelled No Habla Espanol, (I don’t speak Spanish) the guy laughs and looks at his partner who by now was just making his way to my side of the truck. I look up at him and I’m not kidding. Thumbs tucked in belt with a cigar sitting above his ear with a HUGE mustache.. The police officer I was talking to looks at him and says Ingles. I was about to tell them I do speak Spanish but before I could the officer with his thumbs in his belt looks me dead in the eye sticks out his hand and says, “Hooowdy Frrriend” with a slow drawl. I laughed so hard they both started laughing with me.
I told them what I was doing and where I was headed and they took a picture of my ID and sent me on my way. As they were leaving, I assume to just get another laugh, they both said Howdy Friend as they drive off! Talk about hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing. Every time I got bored the rest of the day and even today I would run past my mom and just wave and say howdy friend to her. She was confused till I told her the story now she thinks it’s hilarious!

I am 3 days from Bahia Blanca and looking forward to showing my mom some Argentinian culture! Hopefully!

If anyone has had some experience with European Christmas message me!
I’m really eager to see what it is going to be like!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Days 161-164

4 Day Total: 112.1 (The day leaving Santa Rosa, we left at noon and only ran till 4)
Total Miles: 3,601.2
123 Running Days

The last few days have been good!

Santa Rosa unfortunately wasn’t the tourist place I was hoping for so I could show my mother around, really it was a normal small town with very little going on and the artisanal shop was very small.

Down here there is a mid day siesta where everything closes between 2-6. So there was nothing to do during that time and restaurants don’t open till 9, which we didn’t want to stay up for. So, really it was a stop to get her a new phone cord and to try a little food. I really hope Bahia Blanca is better! Salta, Jujuy, and Purmacana was so cool.... she would have loved it! The 7 colored mountains, the arts and crafts, the foods, the people and culture, the kids marching the streets playing music, it was awesome!

Today will be a short post, as I did the live yesterday there isn’t a whole lot to talk about and I really need to finalize this video content so we can shoot it!

Thanks for everyone’s support and continued effort! Mucho Amor!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Day 160

Miles: 35.1
Total Miles: 3,489.1
119 Running Days

Today was a great day, it was beautiful outside and stayed near 65°F all day. If it wasn’t for a slight head wind it would have been perfect!

Headed out around 9, got some really good miles in when I thought something was following me but I really wasn’t sure. So, when I caught up to the car for refreshments my mom quickly rolled down the window and told me a dog had been following me for several miles. The dog was staying in the tall grass and moving from one side of the road to the other apparently. After I got some pineapple juice I started off again and so did the dog. I was getting a kick out of it at this point and just stopped running. Turned around and gave the ole high pitch voice saying come here boy and a good whistle a shot and sure enough he came running quick! He loved me! I named him Oso (bear in Spanish). He ran several more miles before I felt bad and didn’t want him to get lost or to far from home. So, I gave him some treats on the ground and took off running fast. By the time he was done (I assume) I was out of sight and I didn’t see him anymore. But it sure was fun to watch him run with me and see him jumping bushes and running in and out of the tall grass. It was like he was in a doggy running dream.

At 330 I stopped today and called it at 35. I am now 65 from Santa Rosa and really hoping to finally be able to show my mom some authentic Argentinian foods and crafts. It shows a Craft Market so I hope it’s a good one. Then off to Bahia Blanca down by the sea (the ocean is my mother’s favorite place to be)

I was able to confirm with the World Runners Association and we finalized a European route! 17 countries and almost 4,450 miles! It’s going to be amazing! If anyone lives there or knows anyone who does feel free to reach out! My route is posted on all forms of social media! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tonight will be a late night for me. Much later than normal. I am staying up because I have some pretty great ideas I’m working on and I really wanna get them ready to be put to work and let the world see it! It’s going to be great I can’t wait to share! #videocomingaoon

I just want to give a few quick shout outs to some people (if I leave you out I apologize!)

I want to say thank you to Nikki and Clare back home holding down the fort while my mother is away. Also, thank you for the gummy candy. Anyone that knows me knows I don’t eat much sweets at all and I don’t like chocolate. So that was very thoughtful to get one of my favorites! I appreciate it!

I want to say thank you to my father, Mike Johnson. Dad, without you I don’t know where I would be. To this day I still keep the very first letter you ever wrote me in boot camp. It’s been folded up and placed in my wallet and been everywhere I’ve ever been. I’ve never been without it. And when the going gets tough, I’ll unfold it and give it a quick read. It’s  not a long letter, but it sure is heavy.

I also want to give Stop Solider Suicide a shout out. The men and woman at SSS care so much. They are the lighthouse in the face of a very ugly storm. They shine bright in the moment of darkness. They give Hope to all our veterans and their families! Thank you for what you do, and thank you for being the hero we all need right now! The veteran community thanks you with all our hearts!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Day 159

Miles: 28.3
Total Miles: 3,454
118 Running Days

Today was quite different than any other day since my mother has come down. I started a few hours late due to the hospitality of our hotel owners and staff. So, we sat, had coffee together and some croissants baked with honey glaze. We chatted till close to ten and then I decided to take off.

At around 15 miles in we found a little cafe and decided to not rush the day since I already had a late start and enjoyed some lunch together. We sat there for about a hour and a half and just talked about this crazy journey and a little about my ideas when I come home. It was nice to just relax for a little bit and not worry about the miles or the road. I have such a strong pull to two things that I believe I will love to do when I get home!

Today proved to me that even when you slow down, even when you stop and enjoy the little things, you can still get some good miles in and turn a few bad days into a good week.

I stopped running at 430 and called it a day. I was getting hungry and no one likes a hungry Dustin...
We found a little cafe that had a stone oven. I ordered a pizza topped with mozzarella cheese, three eggs, and French fries on top. Mom had a steak burger with egg, cheese, and some fries. Both came with a Argentinian founded sauce called salsa golf. For anyone unfamiliar Salsa Golf is Ketchup mixed with Mayo, pimento, and oregano. It was founded in Mar Del Plata is the 1920s at a country club which is how it gots its name. Since then plenty of restaurants and fast food joints around the world have used it.

Today I crossed into a new region called La Pampa which is connected to the Patagonia!

There were lots of birds in the sky today. I seen many little flicks of these small light green almost lime green birds flying everywhere! So difficult to get any good photos they fly so fast.
I seen some rabbits and many farm animals. They have a huge Agriculture University that I passed today where the students tend the land and all the animals. It was really nice and the land looked very well taken care of. The animals had hundreds of not thousands of acres to roam. No gates or fences. No pens and kennels. Just a ton of animals to roam wherever they want.

Just about 700 miles left here in Argentina then it’s up to Portugal where I will tackle Europe in the up coming winter... yuck.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Day 158

Miles: 34.0
Total Miles: 3,425.7
117 Runnings Days

Today... it started out cold with strong winds. Starting the day with head wind always makes for an interesting start. Luckily, for me, by about 11 the wind stopped and by noon it started warming up. Around two it was in the low sixties and stayed that way for the rest of the day.

Nothing quite describes the feeling of freedom I get when I can take my hoodie off, put some shorts on, and regardless of the surrounding get into a groove. At two, I didn’t have music (no service) but a mellow rhythm took over my body to the tune of Silhouette and Song Bird. A soft sweet movement that had me moving my hands, swaying back and forth, and moving about the grass like I was the only one there. No care, no worry; just me, the road, and sweet Kenny G playing is sax in my head.

We found a hotel to stay at and the people are amazing. They have such thick accents. I would compare it to Cajun in America as far as how they pronounce their words. The room was 17 dollars, has a queen bed, and two teen beds, a nice bathroom and shower. They sell drinks and don’t rip you off, when we went to the store the hotel only charges 15 pesos more for their drinks. That’s about 25 cents. I was able to have them sign my journey book and I’ll actually get to start out in the morning with some fresh coffee.

The kindness continues daily down here in South America. People stopping asking if I need a ride, offering water, and just checking on me. Even the police are willing to help me get water or offer a ride.

Unfortunately for my mother she came down and within a day we were in the middle of nothing but farm lands. I really look forward to showing her the local foods, customs, and tradition. The one I have gotten to show her I’m not sure how she feels about trying it.
Yerba Mate, a local Argentinian drink shared amongst friends, family, and sometimes for and energy drink. It’s a green leaf that gets put in a cup with a straw and sugar added and passed around.
Go check it out! Empanadas are really big down here and she has seen those too, but I look forward to the really traditional stuff!!

Dogs are still finding me and sticking with me for miles at a time. I absolutely love it but sometimes it rips my heart open when I have to part ways with them. They seemed so happy to be by me, and bam they are on their own again. I bet these dogs if they were to get adopted would be the mostly loyal loving dogs!

So, I have a title idea for my book. Let me know what everyone thinks.

The Long Way Home: A Journey to Save Veteran Lives


The Long Way Home

Friday, October 4, 2019

Day 157

Miles: 30.1
Total Miles: 3,391.7
116 Running Days

Today was sluggish. 
It started out cold and windy, a few hours in it became misty with a slight sprinkle. 

My body was tired from yesterday and really just didn’t want to get up and move quick today. I luckily had my mother there who placed a hand on my shoulder and told me I didn’t have to do it alone. That she would stop whenever I needed a break and we would get where we were going no matter how long it took. So, with that a slowed down and took my time. 
I didn’t rush anything and really just zoned out and put one foot in front of the other. 

I don’t listen to music most days, but today I put some Kenny G on and let that saxophone put a fire back in my soul. I let it guide me and pace me. I needed it. 

There really wasn’t much scenery today, farm land and lots of it. A few cows, some land with tea growing, and some corn. 

Tonight I really hope I get a good nights rest and wake up ready to run. Tomorrow will be 35 miles no matter what. 

The post from here on out should start getting more detailed and descriptive. Tonight I’m just tired, but I’ll try my best most days to write them like I did yesterday. 

I created a Twitter and an Instagram if you want to follow me for pictures and details and what’s coming up in the future. 

Running For Vets in both of them is the name 
On Twitter you can also tag me with @runningvets 

Stay tune for an amazing video features some heroes all across the nation! 
Really trying my best to reach as many people as possible. 
If I can reach 1 million people that’s still less than 1% of the entire United States. 

Love you all! Stay strong, stay true, and in the morning wake up and pursue the day like you woke up in purpose! 

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Day 156

Miles: 29.5
Total Miles: 3,361.6
115 Running Days

Today the weather forecast felt like I was in Missouri again.
Woke up and it looked like the forecast had 47-65 all day with it being cloudy  and a 0% chance of rain all day.

A hour into my run I felt great, got my normal 6-7 miles in and then everything went south quick.
Clouds rolled in fast and dark. The wind picked up. Next thing you know it’s raining, the wind made me feel  like i had a parachute on trying to move forward, and it began to hail (about BB size). The weather stayed this way all day. My face became irritated having the wind blow on it for hours, it began to feel like small razor blades were cutting me.. The temperate dropped down to high 30s, and the hail made for a very sore head and some beat up legs. The only real thing that kept me wanting more miles was coffee and the occasional ability to sit in the car and out of the weather. At times I wanted to sit there all day, but I knew inside that car I was wasting time and miles.

The funny thing is this morning I asked my mom if she could drive ahead and find some coffee for my Stanley. She of course went knowing that I would need some kind of pick me up with conditions like this. My mom is a huge coffee drinker and she just can’t get the hang of it here. “It’s so strong” she warms me as she hands me my Stanley. What she calls strong, I call savory and a life saver. Cafe de leche with a small amount of sugar. Each sip slowly warmed my body and helped keep the fire burning inside me.

Today was a huge representation as to what getting rid of that cart meant for me. It was more than just flat tires and rough terrain. It was more than slowing me down and only allowing few supplies.
That cart was also something that was dragging my spirit. It was sitting on the side of the road with my stuff getting wet, it was pushing it in mud with no way of getting anything hot to drink. It was lonely roads when I needed someone the most. A smile, a laugh, a compliment, something that keeps you going when the road gets tough. Me having a crew (my mother right now) provides me with the ability to keep loving forward when otherwise would have been near impossible. It’s relentless forward process when nature throws you a curve ball.

I also had two federal police officers pull off and ID check me and ask lots of questions. For anyone not familiar with Argentinas police they really only have two. What I would call local and federal. Local look like normal police officers, drive normal police trucks (mostly) and the federal ones wear Kevlar vets and drive nicer vehicles and look more business oriented. The first one stopped me and it’s pouring down rain, he gets out (no umbrella) and proceeded to put himself in the elements just like I was. He asked where I was coming from and where I was headed. My Spanish is getting much better but there are still things I don’t understand or can’t communicate just yet without my translator (my mom had my phone) but you should have seen his face when I told him my mom left to get coffee and is coming back. All he could do was laugh and ask why she didn’t take me with her and he asked what I did wrong. He took a picture of my passport and let me go on my way thankfully after I kept telling him I couldn’t get in his truck for him to take me to the place where my mom was. The second one I luckily had my translator and let him know everything I was doing and he was very happy to hear of an American enjoying Argentina even though it was freezing and raining. He said he wished people looked at his home country with more light and openness.

Today showed me so much more that a crew is good for me whether I feel like I can do it alone or not. I’ll be looking for anyone interested in crewing for Europe soon. If your interested let me know and we can exchange details.

During the rain and hail I didn’t see much. Traffic going by splashing water on me getting my shoes even more wet. A few cows in the pasture hiding under a tree and a small green lizard that seemed to be taking a bath. Today was full of nothing but mental fortitude and thankfulness for my mother.

I do want to give a huge shout out to XOSkin for some killer socks. My shoes and socks got soaked yes. I have knit uppers on my shoes, but with my feet being so wet and so cold I came out with no blisters and my feet never got to cold. And thank you to Orange Mud for an amazing bag that allowed for me to have all my stuff with me without any of it getting wet! Crucial!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Day 152-155

4 Day Total: 110.47
Total Miles: 3,332.1

Had a short 15 mile day a few days ago due to some issues, but other than that hitting 32 daily which is now the plan because of my mother’s flight. Was wishing for some time to really put some miles in  (38-42 daily), but that’ll have to wait to Europe.

Europe is coming quick. I’ll fly to Lisbon October 31st and be there mid day November 1st.
The route will be posted soon.
Also stay tune for Twitter and Instagram as well.

The blog is difficult to keep up with in these low service zones so I apologize. It needs so much data to even load the page let alone post something.

I have a few ideas for book names if anyone is interested in helping me choose let me know!

The last few days have been alright. Nothing special as far as scenery. My mother know understandably the side of the road conditions much better too. I pulled several huge thorns from my shoe at least a inch long that were stabbing my feet. The unevenness and gravel/brush make it hard too but much easier now that there isn’t a cart.

The heat has been a factor trying to get used to it again, and the wind has been really strong. Unfortunately mostly head winds.

This is all just one more thing that makes this world run so much more unique. The everyday challenges.

Thanks to everyone still following along and again, there will soon be a Twitter and Instagram for easier following for those that don’t get on here much or just use those social outlets more often.

My birthday is coming up soon so we will be doing a fundraiser for that. And if anyone else has any good ideas for fundraisers feel free to reach out and let me know! Thank you! (If anyone is interested in preordering a book let me know also, the book won’t come out till a few months after I’m home so quite sometime but it would be easy to go ahead and set some stuff up and preorder so you already have one paid for and ordered)

Goodnight and stay strong!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Day 151

Today’s Miles: 32.5
Total Miles: 3221.6
110 Running Days

Today was cut short due to extreme heat. First time it has been over 75-79 since the United States and it got into the low 90s today so needless to say it got hot quick. I wasn’t ready for it but still got a decent amount of miles in with 32.5. Tomorrow, it will be mid 90s and then it is suppose to drop back down in the mid 60s for the rest of the week.
Tomorrow, I’m hoping to start out earlier to help avoid some of the heat.

I’m feeling great, made some grain free pasta made from three types of veggies we got extremely cheap at the store. It’s funny, my mother gets to see now; eating healthier down here is cheaper then a eating junk food. Fresh foods are cheaper than processed. Farmers markets are cheaper than grocery stores.

I had a plan to go from 30 to 40 daily since I am losing the cart for the rest of Argentina but my mother’s flight is the 31st of October so I’ll just work that into my miles. About 1000 miles left and about 32 days left for her flight. It really only makes me need a 31.25 miles a day to get there on time. I’ll probably run some 35-40 days and then in the more tourist areas run 25-30 and just let it average out.

Thanks for all the continued support and love from back home! It is greatly appreciated!

Friday, September 27, 2019

Day 139-150

12 Day Total: 350.3
Total Miles: 3,189.1
109 Running Days

Sorry I have been so absent. I have had a lot going on. The cart giving me troubles, the roads, and so much more.

Thank you to everyone still following! It means a lot!
Facebook live within a day or two to explain the last two weeks.

For anyone who doesn’t know, I have had 11 tires popped in Argentina. I have been woke up many nights by the police and asked to carry on moving. I have spent way more money then I ever should have to fix my cart like the frame breaking for example. So, I am fortunate enough to have a man I have never met before care so deeply about my cause to donate a flight to my mother so she could come down here and help crew me across the rest of Argentina.

I fell behind waiting on my stuff in Peru, the truck hitting me in Arica caused a big time delay, and the mess of roads in Argentina caused a even bigger one. I hope this will let me catch up at least some!

More to update soon; with my mother being here I’ll be able to keep this updated more regularly  even when I’m not in service, she can help me update it.

Love you all, thanks for following along. I am beyond ready to be in Europe and out of Argentina.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Day 134-138

Miles: 109.5
Total: 2,838.8
97 Running Days

I’ll be doing a Facebook live soon to go over some more details about here lately.
The road still has no shoulder and I am at 8 flat tires in Argentina alone.

There is some possible really amazing news to come that I really hope works out to share with you all! Stay tuned on and or Facebook!

“You miss one hundred percent of the opportunities you don’t take”

I should be able to update this a little more now heading forward. So more stories and better blogging on my part for you all.

I am still physically well and mentally well but the roads are taking a huge toll on my cart and costing more money than it should. Having to push through sand and gravel really makes my effort level increase a lot for very minimum result, but I’ll continue on!

Love you all, and remember Relentless Forward Progression!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Day 133

Miles: 29.5
Total Miles: 2,729.3
93 Running Days
29.3 Daily Running Day Average
20.5 Daily Average Including Days Not Ran

Last night I was picked up by the police late into the night. They placed me in the back of their truck on a little metal bench with my cart. No seatbelt, sliding around, wind blowing on me with temperatures around 30 degrees, going about 60mph on the highway to take me (at the time I had no idea) first to the police station but had me wait in the truck then to a small park in the town. They dropped me off and told me to camp here and they left. All I could think about was the police put me in a moving vehicle in the back with no device to keep me in the truck and sped down the road with no regard to my safety but at the same time it was kind of cool.

During the night it rained hard and got my stuff all wet. (My tarp was lost during the high altitude mountain passage.
Without having a hoodie or jacket to out on because they were wet I grabbed my gear and ran back to where they picked me up, turned on me gps and started the day. (Ran about 6 total Miles that didn’t count)

Tonight calls for rain for about 9 hours and strong winds.

Pushing the cart is very much still a difficult task. It’s thick sand and gravel mostly and the traffic is still fairly frequent so I don’t get to get on the road much.

I’m slowly entering Spring in Argentina and where I am is also the temperate rainforest so I’ll need to find a tarp and better ways to keep dry fairly quick. Supplies are just so limited and spending 500+ dollars just to ship a small tarp is crazy so I’ll work it out down here before that ever happens.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Days 124-132

Miles: 175.0
Total Miles: 2,699.8
92 Running Days 

It’s so hard to keep up with this whiling having no service or very bad service. 

In the past week I’ve had police wake me up at 1am to tell me I can’t sleep where I was and to keep moving. (40ft off the road behind some brush) 

I have had a scary encounter at 3am with 3 very large animals in the night where they surrounded me and would growl and move around and I ended up running to the road with my headlamp and knife in hand. 

I have been running/walking on gravel/sand/brush for about 300 miles now. No paved shoulder and lots of traffic. I have went though 5 tubes and now I have no spare left. 

I got my new shoes (Altra) in the mail finally. It cost 600 bucks to having them shipped but well worth it after 300+ miles in shoes a size and a half to small with the toes cut out. 

Pushing the cart in thick sand and gravel is really taking a lot out of me lately. I’ll keep pushing it just gets so tiresome. 

I love all of you, I’ll try and get back to updating more; but I’m at mercy with ATT and their service down here. 

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Day 123

Today’s Miles: 30.6
Total Miles: 2,524.8
86 Running Days

Today I started much later than normal, around 930-10. I lost the shoulder to the road and traffic was a mess. Regardless whether there were cars coming on the either side of the road or not no one would move over. Some really close calls with trucks passing while I was on the road also.

I was able to run a lot today and really stretch the legs. There was a down the mountain side section with curvy roads that was really steep I had to walk due to building to much speed on the cart and traffic just being crazy. Makes me miss the road with absolutely no cars all day.

I made camp, made some potatoes and oatmeal and I am now focusing on a few different novel ideas I’ve had for a long time.

I really encourage everyone to sign up for the 22toomany 1 mile, 5k, 10k or he virtual run (don’t have to be at the race to do it). All proceeds go to Stop Solider Suicide and you could become a huge part in saving a veterans life!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Days 112-122

11 Day Total: 289.5 (1 Off Day)
Total Trip Miles: 2,494.2
85 Running Days

I will be doing a long Facebook Live with explaining the full mountain ascend and half descend. Dustin’s Word Record Run for anyone following here that’s not on Facebook. Facebook also is the place for photos and videos.

In short; I’ll write some details here for those not on Facebook.

Day 111 I was in San Pedro de Atacama. For anyone wanting a really cool desert experience with sand boarding, wild animals, a really interesting community, great food, and just a place most of your friends probably have never been but should, should totally go to San Pedro. It’s about 7500ft in elevation and surrounded by beautiful mountains and lays in the bottom of a valley.
I restocked some supplies and gained the mental strength to pursue the mountains here.

Once I left it took a few days to reach the top at 18,711ft; due mostly to a small road detour or it would have been slightly higher.

The most I have done in the past 11 days has been a 43 mile day where I was able to run again because it was mostly flat or slightly down. I was still at 13k ft which made stopping and going a thing as my breathe would shorten at times.

The least amount was 15.6 miles which was the second day of the climb and probably the worst overall. My Garmin shut off due to it being to cold. My phone shut off. The last temperature I remember seeing was -14 but there was also heavy strong head winds. That night even my Stanley froze completely solid, which, is impressive because Stanley is the best out their in my opinion.

I lost my tarp due to winds (it wasn’t being held down by many many rocks weighing 2-5 lbs all around. The wind just got underneath it at some point and just kept blowing till it took it. (Also, I was way to cold to get up out of my sleeping bag and go chase afternoon it at 2am in the middle of the desert/mountains)

If I am jumping around I apologize.

On the 26th, at about 10am (local) I crossed into Argentina through the Paso de Jama. You cross at about 14k and get into the custom agency at about 13k. There was a very kind man that helped me skip two large bus loads of people to make a very quick 20 minute pass into Argentina.

 I finally hit my first town after 10 days without!

I did run out of liquids and stuff, but for anyone wondering it is extremely difficult to judge using google whether a town actually exist or not. (Sometimes it’s a tourist season thing) there has been a few “towns” that once arrived there wasn’t a single building and it was open desert.
Also, carrying 10 days of water is extremely difficult. It’s very very heavy along with 10 days of food and all your gear while pushing it up and down a mountain. For anyone curious go run a few miles. Then go put 3 gallon waters in a cart and run with it. Then go grab more water, more food, more gear and your probably over 100 lbs. It can get heavy quick, and relying in Google isn’t always the most accurate down here. Luckily there has been a few kind Chileans and Argentinians to help me along the way!

I’ll go Live tonight on Facebook at 7-730 Central time. It’ll be 9-930 where I am now.  I’ll be answering questions and telling my stories of the mountain pass. (It was epic at times)

Monday, August 19, 2019

Days 109/110/111

3 Day Milage: 38.2, Supplies Day, 36.7
Total Miles: 2,204.7
75 Running Days

I will unfortunately be brief, my service is not the best and it’s in the 40s with a cold wind; so my hands won’t last to long trying to type.

Saturday was a struggle. 4,500ft to 12,000 ft to 9,000 to end up in the city. The whole day was up the mountain side until mile 33 when the final 5 miles went down. I almost stopped at around 26 miles because my feet were killing me (I put the shoes back on after running only in socks for a day and a half. But man... the shoes made it worse. My legs also were getting tired, but after stopping for 30 minutes I realized I couldn’t give up on myself like that. I got up, packed, and carried on. Relentless Forward Progression

Sunday I got supplies including food, a cold weather mask, and a few other things I needed like hygiene supplies. (No such thing as anti-biotic ointment)

Today I started about 830 and covered some ground when I met two woman who were extremely nice and kind that rode up on a bike. They too started in Lima and have traveled around and heading the same direction as I am. They even biked a 16,000fter that made them sick with such quick elevation gain. They are very impressive traveling  the world (which is very safe) when the media portrays it is unsafe. I wish them the absolute best and hope they never lose the will to travel! Good luck in medical school and keep enjoying working for Google you two! The world is a great place when you go see it!

I’m ending the day feeling good and ready to be at the top. My legs don’t like this many miles without some break!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Day 108

Miles: 30.1
Total Miles: 2,159.9
73 Running Days

Today, overall great! Mostly due to the people.

Early this morning was a couple from France that just stopped to check on me and make sure I was okay. They gave me a juice box and some cookies. For those of you that know me I don’t like chocolate, so when given chocolate I usually give it to others. Well you know this guy is hungry when he chokes down chocolate cookies while drinking water the whole time washing the flavor away.

Midday, I found a old “taco truck”. This truck had walls built around two sides leaving one side open for people to come and go. No food but I bought some drinks. I also was able to pay a little and charge my devices for a hour. Leaving a very kind gentlemen approached me and we talked for a few minutes. I told him what I was doing and he told me he seen me a few days ago also. If was a great conversation and he seemed very genuine.

About ten miles down the road was a old late 50s model VW microbus parked on the side of the road. 4 Argentinians just living life, traveling the continent with no route planned just free as a bird. They seemed pretty cool, Just living day by day, moment by moment, without a care in the world.

I finally made my turn dead East. It’s time to fully tackle the mountains and not just go in and out of them. One week approximately to the border, and 13k, 15k, 19.5k, 15k feet elevation to get there. Volcanoes, mountain peaks, and winter weather. It’s going to be quite the run!
Desert to Rain Forest; Chile to Argentina, an experience to last a lifetime and change outlook on physical challenges. 19.5k feet elevation with 75lbs in a cart is difficult but if anyone has the mentality to keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter the speed it’s me.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Day 107

Miles: 30.2
Total Miles: 2,129.8
72 Running Days

Today was nothing special and not a lot happened. It was chilly in the morning and laying here at night. During the day it was hot with direct sunlight.

My current body status overall is well. I feel good, my legs are doing well, but I have a few blisters, my neck has a bad sunburn from getting my haircut, and I ran out of Carmex, so, my lips are pretty cracked.

I still have three days to the next town and I’m about 9 days estimate from entering Argentina.

The shoes I had to get in Arica are nothing like my Altras... these things are already killing my feet. With about 350 miles on them, I would gladly trash them if I could. Both my Altras had almost a thousand miles and we’re  better than these are now.... but I shall continue.

Nights like these are the worst. These kinds of nights... when the loneliness kicks in. The scanning the horizon and you see nothing but sand for many days and many nights. Semis and trucks pass by during the day and gives you something to see but at night it’s calm, a soft breeze, and with a sharpie I could make “Wilson” from castaway out of a rock.
These nights are the ones that get in your head. It’s been a week since I got a shower virtually. I’ve had one cold drink in a week. And I’ve been in and out of service miserably so even if I wanted to talk to someone I couldn’t. I’m not a music fan when I run but nights like this; the  music could keep me company. But the service out here won’t let it play. It takes me trying to write this a couple hours to post. Anyway I don’t mean to rant, but if your reading this don’t take a single second spent with a loved one for granted. I may not have a woman in my life currently but right now I’d kick this Wilson rock across the sandy desert floor to talk to my mom, dad, brother, grandma...

Love you all!

To my Vets
: if you get lonely out there, please reach out to someone. It can be anyone, and if you have no one Stop Solider Suicide would be more than happy to chat with you!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Day 105/106

Miles: 60.4
Total Miles: 2,099.6
71 Running Days

Yesterday was a average running day but an amazing day due to the continued generosity and kind hearts of the Chilean people. (Keep in mind these are working class people going out of their way, not the ones driving by in a Mercedes; these guys/woman are in dump truck, on mining vehicles, in semis, and working along the roadside.)

It started generosity started yesterday around 9 when a gentlemen on the roadside working stopped shoveling concrete mix into a 5 gallon bucket and proceeded to his lunch pail where he grabbed a 20oz water and two bananas. Walked up to me and told me I probably needed it more. (I guarantee him shoveling concrete in the same weather I’m running he needed more than me but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.) All his buddies slapped him on the back and gave me thumbs up and best wishes.

Around 1300 a man pulled his dusty dump truck off the road and I figured he was looking or fixing something. I pass the truck and kept running when he called,”Amigo Amigo”. I turned around and he tossed down a water and a chicken sandwich that was still warm. I felt bad for him giving me his lunch but I was really appreciative.

The biggest heart stopper of them all came around 1500 right before I was going to stop to set up camp. I was looking for a good place when I heard squeaking brakes coming to a stop across the road in a little emergency pull off spot. I thought first I hoped his breaks would stop if that was the problem and they stopped. But what I didn’t think would happen was how fast he got out of his semi and jogged over to me not with 20oz water but with a gallon. He said,” you need this” I smiled thanked him strapped it down and was about to carry on when I see him jogging back over. The entire time with this big grin on his face like he was enjoying ever second. He gets back to me and hands me 3 oranges and a package of oatmeal cookies. (I’m  smiling head to toe at this point and I even offer to pay him but he refused) not able to control my happiness I ask for a picture which he gladly accepted and then took one for himself. He asked what I was doing way out here alone. I told him I was running the world to stop military suicides. He didn’t look at me but turned and started to undo hatches on his truck. Pulls out two gallons of water, jogs  over puts it on my cart with the gallon, comes back grabs a Gatorade bottle and a bottle of honey and pours half into the Gatorade bottle. Looks at me while doing spirit fingers across his stomach while saying Miel and gives to two thumbs up indicating it was good for me. I thanked him 100 times over and what he did next touched my heart forever.

He pats his heart, pats my heart with his hand and looks up
Then when I say thank you he puts his arm around me and says,” from my family to your family I have lots of love. (Mucho Amor)

It was such a sweet moment between to people who have never met, in the middle of a desert hundreds of miles from towns, acting like he was just an old friend of mine catching up on what’s new. It was so casual to him, but it meant so much to me.

His name was Fernando and I’ll always remember him for his generosity and selflessness.


More desert running, tempts still cold at night and in the morning. Hot with direct sunlight during the day.

I passed through a internal customs checkpoint today. Had all my belongings searched again and put through machines. Took about an hour.

The few good things continue to be Chilean kindness. Three different bottles of water, a can of coke, and a sandwich! All from road workers.

The one thing I’ve really been craving is something extremely cold to drink. At the customs checkpoint I was able to buy a few drinks and one had ice in it. I offered to buy as many as they had like that but it was the only one. Drinking room temperature water gets very old very fast but gotta stay hydrated.

Camping tonight I came to a spot and climbed a little hill off the road and it has some amazing views. No tent tonight, I wanna sleep under the stars and let the moon light the night. The sky’s were blue, slowly turned red, orange, pink, cotton candy pink before going dark blue for the night. Can’t beat falling asleep in a place with very few people even go. The road less traveled leads to a beautiful camping area for anyone who wants to know.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Day 104

Miles: 34.5
Total Miles: 2,039.2
69 Running Days

Today I woke up during the morning hours to a earthquake. Later found out it was a 4.9 or 5.0 depending on the source. I just laid there with my eyes closed spread out like a starfish and just enjoyed it honestly. After about a minute it was done and I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Later in the day there was a really small quake that caused some gases in the surrounding desert to act funny and make popping noises for miles and miles.

I ran feeing pretty good today and found a smal diner outside a mining camp. The only building for as far as your eyes could see so clearly it was put up to feed the miners.
The miners were very curious about me and we stood and talked for awhile but they didn’t want their pictures taken unfortunately. I ordered some chicken and rice and ate it fairly quick before taking off again. Was a little uneasy with the questions and the admiration for things in my cart. I was outmanned 50/1. On a. Side note if anyone wants to lose weight, gain massive muscles, while eating whatever you want come work with those guys. All 50 were huge.. their arms showed every vein in them. In was impressive. No protein shakes, no special diets, just hard work in the mines and lots of chicken.

I had a few gentlemen stop as they left the diner many miles down the road and give me waters. It was very appreciated but I’ll have to use my filter or boil it seeing the seals were all broken and clearly refilled by the looks of the bottle being worn.

I came to an interesting situation today. It’s one I’ve had many times and every time I come to the same conclusion. So I will ask you all the same thing that runs through my mind out here at the ensuing if the day. The sun is beating down, it’s been 30+ miles, your looking for a good place for camp and you go around a corner and BAM you see a huge climb. At least two miles and probably a good hour with the slope. Do you call it a day because your tired and ready for food and climb it in the morning or do you slowly push the cart up the mountain side now? Also keep in mind the climb could also lead to much more climbing. I’ve spent days where the whole day was up.
Some of you I’m sure say climb and some say climb it when your fresh.
My philosophy out here has been simple. Climb the mountain side and if it keeps going I keep going. There is no such thing as ending on a bad note. There is no making the day worse. Sure it make suck during it but at the end you can cook food and get sleep. If I were to do it in the morning I could set my whole day to be a slow paced sluggish day. So today I choose to climb and I’m camping at the top. Looking out thinking how in the morning I’ll have a flat running surface for as far as I can see from here. It’s a beautiful sight.

To My Vets:
Don’t put things off. Do it know. Don’t wait. Your dreams are a priority and needs to happen accordingly. When you “procrastinate” you risk never doing it. If it’s the end of a hard day at work and you wish you could work on that business plan you’ve always wanted but you’ve had a long day. Do it anyways. Force yourself to set that priority and get it done. Build the habit. Procrastination to me is not a real word. Or if it is, it means not having the ability to set priorities. Don’t procrastinate reach out and get what is yours!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Day 103

Miles: 32.1
Total Miles: 2,004.7
68 Running Days

Today was overall a good day. I left out a little later than normal but was making pretty good time due to it being relatively flatter than normal. I passed a military base and some really cool old mounds with multiple levels and a few different doors for entry that looked like they had fallen apart or down. If I wasn’t on the run I would have put on my head lamp ran a quarter mile across the desert and up into the mystery.

About noon I came to a small village that didn’t have many houses but it did have a “popping” Main Street. There were several tents set up selling foods. I was able to get two dozen fresh farm eggs that should last a little while and some tuna cans. Which made me happy.

For some reason having tuna cans in my cart makes me feel a lot better about these hundred mile stretches of nothing. Which Google can be wrong and I come across a village not on the maps like today which is always a blessing.

I went into a gas station (which actually had a small convenience store attached unlike Peru) and got some water and a pear juice since it’s been so long since I had fruit i get my body needed it. They also had pulled pork sandwiches which they called “American Meat Sandwich” as the name of it. It was a little more expensive than the others but I got one and I am very glad I did! It was super good or I was super hungry.

The desert I’m in is really tricky with tempts. It’s low 30’s high 20’s at night and in the morning and something midday if clouds cast over but the usual temperature during the days are high 70s with a blazing heat. No shade, the back of my neck is burnt and so are my legs. It’s weird, it’s  not super hot compared to the states (it’s winter) but the temperature fluctuates so rapidly that high 70s feels incredible hot.

I made camp in a National Reserve. It’s the only trees I’ve seen in days. But they were planted here and are not natural to the area.

The generosity continues with a family stopping to offer me a 3L water but I had just filled my cart up with a weeks worth of supplies and couldn’t fit it. I thanked them greatly.
I am headed towards a city at the bottom of the 20,000 ft mountain I’ll be passing over and it looks like I’m about 6-7 days away. After that I’ll be in the mountains climbing to 20,000 feet and come out in the Amazon Rainforest on the other side in Argentina. Looking forward greatly to being out of the desert. I feel like it all I’ve seen since Lima.

To my Vets:
A wise man once told me,” take a moment to look up into the stars, try to see where you have been and where you need to go, there are many people up there in them stars that are looking down at you wanting you to succeed and watching over you. You have the best support crew anyone could ask for up there, don’t think for a second you are alone in this.”

Don’t think for a second you are alone, you have all your veteran brothers and sisters for generations and generations up there watching over you wanting you to succeed.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Days 100 - 102

Three Day Total: 91.1
Total Miles: 1,972.6
67 Running Days

Finally have some service.
Not a lot has happened honestly, a few Good Samaritans I will tell you about but overall it’s the desert. Not a house in sight. Not a animal in sight. Every hour or so I will see a car. I have not seen a village since I left the city till tonight. I came crossed a really small village that has a huge history behind it. The worlds largest geoglyphic (hand made sculpture out of rocks and carved lines into the mountain side) it depicts a weather God. It was said to be able to be used to predict the weather.
This one is massive but a few miles from where I’ll be able to see it. It took hundreds of years to complete and was sculpted by several different groups of people the more known group being the Incas. I have seen hundreds of these types of sculptures along my route these last few days.

I have also seen statue of mummies. Three of them. Come to find out Chile has the oldest mummies in the world and not Egypt. Chile has mummies that pre date Egypt by thousands of years. The statues I seen where depictions of the area to mummify someone. The cool thing about the Chinchorro people were they mummified every person in their civilization regardless of social status. Whereas the Egyptians only mummified their higher ranking members.

So every single day I have been in Chile running on the road someone has stopped and gave me food and water. Three days ago it was a big bowl of soup and some water that looked like he went and got it out of his lunch pail. . Yesterday was two chicken sandwiches and a juice box in the morning given to me by a little girl out the back window of her car, as she smiled and said “this is for you enjoy”  and around midday someone gave me a roast beef sandwich with avocado and a Gatorade. Today was a big bottle of a fruit juice I was unfamiliar with and some peanuts. (This is just to name a few) I have had the most help from construction workers or road workers. One day I had two gentlemen that wouldn’t take no for a answer and filled my water canteens and gave me two liter bottles full to take with me. I’m sure they relived I wasn’t hundred miles from any town so they knew best right? There have been people who didn’t want to confront me in the sense but they would stop 15-20 ft ahead sit out of coke and some fruit and yell that it wasn’t for me.

Having come across this village it was a nice treat for some food and restock my liquids. Nothing to for food to take with me except one box of mash potato mix where you just add water.

The generosity of these people have been nothing but top notch. More than I could have ever asked for. I want you all reading this to think of something simple. ( if a man who didn’t belong where I lived was looking homeless and randomly running by my car would I stop and offer help and if you say you would stop what happens when that man speaks only basic of your language?)
That’s what these people have with me. A strange man running with a cart who is dirty and only speaks basics. Every single of them try their best to communicate with me. If I can’t use a translator they try there best to make me understand. Nothing short of nosies or gestures, hand signs, or pictures. They truly have been a blessing.

With the way Chile has been going I could say nothing more than this has to be my grandpa up stairs watching me from the bleachers as I run my track meet making sure I have snacks and keeping me safe. I know God and my Grandpa are up there planning this out like as if each car passing was a possible aid station on this long journey.

I want to thank everyone who has been following, anyone who has donated to Stop Solider Suicide, and those that are planning on running the race coming up in Sept.
because of all of you, veterans lives are being saved.
Just remember for $400 dollars, that’s 10 people who signed up for the race. You just provided a veteran with TWO YEARS worth of help! TWO YEARS!

To My Vets:

Do something tomorrow that you wouldn’t have done today.
Picture your goal, and take that step.
Want to be a history teacher? Imagine if you studied up on history for 1 hour a day how much you could learn in 365 hours in 1 year.
Wanna own a business imagine how much you could get done with your portfolio, logo, design, slogan, etc. with one hour a day.
Tomorrow take one hour and do something you didn’t do today.
The greatest things in life are not one huge moment, but a collection of small little moments that create a huge impact.
Love life, live life, and if you need help Stop Solider Suicide will save your life!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Day 99

Miles: 30.0
Total Miles: 1,881.5
64 Running Days

Today started off with 4 hours going up followed by a quarter mile of straight road. Once I got to the end of the flat road I came to a huge gorge. Massive. The road went to the right and as I turned to go down a sign caught my eye. Warning: engine brake failure length 34km.
All I could think about was really.... 20 miles down only means 20+ back up.

I stopped and looked at the map and noticed the “up” part looked longer on the map but only time will tell.

Yesterday I didn’t even see a single building once I left the town. Today. Was the same. It was nothing but sand and mountains. Tomorrow I’ll be finishing up the downhill (my estimate about 6 miles) and then working back up the other side of the gorge.

There does seem to be a picture of a tiny village at the bottom of this, doesn’t mean it is there or there is anything to stock up on but I hope so. (Google shows many things that no longer exists or are only open certain times of the year)

Im still feeling great and the new cart seems to be holding well.
My uncle Jr  did some online searching for me and I have a 20,000 ft point coming up and it’s still pretty scarce on towns or villages. So better take all the opportunities I can find.
Not sure if the 20k will be up down and back up others that are shorter but if I had to guess it’ll be a roller coaster with lots of gains and lots of loss just to climb the gains again.

Love you all goodnight!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Day 91-98

91-97 were slowly and I was working to figure out a cart. I bought a small baby stroller and tried to make it work but it broke after a few miles. I came back to Arica and bought a hiking backpack but realized after a dewberry Miles the 45 lbs would eventually take its toll and not be worth it.
I ordered a cart off Amazon and prayed it wouldn’t take 20+ days like Cabelas or not even show up like USPS. It arrived a day early and took 5 days to get to me.

Tuesday 98th day

Miles: 30.0
Total Miles: 1,851.5
63 Running Days

After getting hit by the truck I was very eager to get out of the soreness and get back in the road. Did it make me fear the road anymore? No, semis still pass by sometimes by just a few inches and I just keep going.

I woke up and decided to take my time getting ready and finalizing the cart. I took off about 9-915.
It was gloomy in the beginning and I felt mist for a few hours before the sun came out and shined bright the rest of the day. It felt good to stretch the legs and run a bit! I ran the first 8 or so miles before I had a massive hill to climb which took a few hours and then had to go right back down it. I ran the last 10-12 and found a nice place to set up camp. It’s at the bottom of a climb so first thing in the morning will start with a hour or two climb (maybe more you never know till you get up there and see all the curves).

Overall it was a good day. Uneventful as far as letting you all know cool places or sights. It was just a normal day. Once I left the city there really was nothing at all but sand and mountain sides.

Now that I’m back on the road officially and good to go I want to thank everyone who is still following and hasn’t given up on me! I know I’ve had two stops that were way longer than needed but I’m make up the time and keep pushing!

To my vets:

Look at my Facebook video from today!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Day 88/89/90

Saturday Miles: 35.9
Total Miles: 1,821.5
62 Running Days

Saturday, unfortunately I was in an accident. I was running down a mountain side and was struck by a truck which put me into a sand pile and over my hand bars. I am okay with the exception of a few minor scratches and bruises. My cart on the other hand will not make it. The handle bars broke off completely. Structurally it broke the Varanasi in half in three places and cracked in many more. On impact the front wheel also was roped off the frame. (To keep everything very simple and straight forward)

I stood on the sidebar of the road for over a hour and a half before someone stopped to help me the extra 3 miles to a hotel. I had just entered the country and didn’t have Chilean pesos yet and he didn’t want to help at first. Eventually (15 minutes) he decided to help and accepted Soles.

At the hotel I threw everything in a room, showered, and crashed. I was exhausted.

Sunday I woke up and everything was closed. Everything! I found very few restaurants open (the mall) and that’s about it. All the smal shops were closed but there was a pop up little thrift market about 10 blocks long. So I spent the day walking up and down it just looking at stuff and wasting time honestly. Monday couldn’t come fast enough at this point.

I met a gentleman my age that works at the hotel that was very nice. He signed my book and we talked for a long time that night. He didn’t speak English but he tried very hard. He typed in his phone, would glance at the words and then try and say them to me. Not terrible but not amazing. I helped with words he didn’t know and he appreciates it. He invited me back anytime and I could stay with him  and his family. He also wants to come to the states some time he said. He wants to go to a music festival and his favorite band is Pearl Jam.

Monday I left bright and early and went to every bike store to leave empty handed. No carts.
I jogged around th whole city trying to find something. I ended up with a baby strolller in a sense. It has hard rubber wheels that don’t air up so that is a positive but it holds much less and much less weight. I will make it work and get it done till I can get something better.

My original route for South America has changed and I have got a confirmation that I can add some miles and change my route up. I’m adding a few hundred more miles than originally.

Tomorrow morning I hit the road again and get back at it.
Is it weird that I miss being in the middle of no where at times? I miss the camping and just being out in the world? The city feels lonely and the mountains feel like home.

To my Vets:
Sometimes life hits us hard. Literally. It makes us feel sore and tired but that just means you are alive.
You woke up today. The rest is a work in progress.
But one thing is for certain....
No great warrior ever won his fight by quitting. You can’t make your life better by giving up. If it’s help you need then reach it to Stop Solider Suicide. If it’s a friend you need then reach out to me. If it’s time you need then don’t rush things and let the pieces fall where they need to. But DON’T  ever EVER GIVE UP! You can not win by giving up and you won’t be the only one to lose but those around you will to.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Day 86/87

Two Day Total: 55.7 (33.5+22.2)
Total Trip Miles: 1,785.6
61 Running Days

Yesterday was a cold day. I don’t listen to music very often. Even though it is extremely lonely I still prefer my surroundings over music, but yesterday was a music day. The wind was blowing hard as a head wind and it was slow rolling hills. My energy level was not the highest and each step felt heavier than the last. So after a few hours of what felt like running with ankle weights I took out my phone and loaded pandora. (Fun fact: Pandora does not exist down here in Peru, but since my service is in America I will get it.) I stopped running and thought about what to put on. Normally my mind goes straight to the only two options I ever really listen to. Kenny G or The Lumineers. Everyone and then I go with a few others but I ultimately decided on my favorite and put it on Kenny G. I was hoping my favorite song would come on but it took over an hour before it did. 

The run yesterday was nothing but sand and a Coca Cola sign (which I set my tent up behind.) 
With the wind blowing, my face getting cold, and music playing I just kept pushing. After 33 miles I was to cold to really wanna continue and that’s when I seen the cola sign and figured it could help with the wind. (It didn’t) once my tent was set up the wind threatened to rip it down. I got inside, hands freezing, face frozen, and my stomach was begging for food. I couldn’t keep a fire lit because of the wind and i was getting to cold to build a wind block so I just rolled over and tried to sleep. 

Waking up I was slow to get up. My body needed food but the wind was still strong. I ate some peanut butter and just figured I’d get on the road and get to Tacna as fast as I could. 

Along the way cars and trucks still honked to see if I needed a ride. A few cars stopping and offering water. As I ran the stretch I just kind of blacked out. I don’t remember much. I remember starting and I remember coming over a hilltop and seeing the town down in the valley. I must have just been in a zone. But toping  the hill and seeing the town made me smile. A warm meal was just a couple miles away. I picked up my pace as fast as I could without letting the cart get out of reach and go speeding down the hill without me. At the bottom I seen a small hostal and across the road from it a farmers market. So I decided it wa a good place to stop. Heading into Chile within the next few days I knew I couldn’t take much fresh stuff but I did end up getting a few potatoes and eggs. 

By Sunday/ Monday I’ll be in Chile. I’ll go through the border crossing and border agency will probably search everything. I’ll have to find a place to exchange my money into Chilean pescos. Last time while in the Navy I was in Chile the prices are fairly close to Peru but a little more expensive: still cheaper than the states. 

I’ll be heading towards the town of Arica in Chile. The hopes of finding a new water jug (my broke) and maybe a new pair of shoes. Mine have almost 1000 miles on them and I’m starting to feel it. 

Tacna seems to be a nice little town but I won’t spend much time here. I ordered some Peruvian pizza and that’s about it. Just a shower (first time in over a week) and then just rest up for tomorrow.

To my vets: 
Love- the reason you do something. 
Passion- the fuel for what you do. 
If you do something you live with no passion your flame can slowly go out, if you do something you love and have a passion for your work will forever have a source of fuel and will always burn. 
Don’t do something just because you like it, find something you enjoy but have a few passion for. Then and only then will it last a lifetime. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Day 85

Today’s Miles: 30.3
Total Miles: 1,729.9
59 Running Days

Today started out with thick fog and strong cold winds. Very quickly into my day it turned into strong cold winds and rain. The fog stayed but fog doesn’t really affect anything. I got out my cold weather coat since it’s waterproof (rain gear was in the box I didn’t get). The coat made it really hot but it kept me dry for the most part. My pants and shoes got soaked but as long as my hands and head stay dry and warm I’m usually good. It rained for about 4 hours before turning into a mist for the remainder of the day.

I was able to keep my cart fairly dry once I pulled my tarp out and bungeed it around. Nothing in my cart got wet.

Running with wet shoes and socks is not the ideal thing. The first thing that comes to mind is blisters but actually my feet are fine. I pushed to make today a quicker day and it paid off. I came up a large incline (a few miles) and at the top was a tiny little village with just a few houses and one little grocery shop. I had camped the last 6 days (which I actually really enjoy) but tonight the grocery lady is giving me a small room to get out of the rain and cold tonight and let me charge my devices. She charged me 30 soles for the night. She also made me some fish and rice for an additional 8 soles.

As I was walking around outside just looking around to see if I could find a little place to get a few waters I man came to me with a hot corn on the cob and a large slice of cheese and asked for two soles for the food. I gave it to him just out of curiosity how the two tastes together: it wasn’t bad. Not what you would except (mostly because the cheese isn’t an american cheese).

Another cool thing that happened. As it is raining I hear a little girls voice yell Americano Americano   And then a few words I couldn’t make out. I slow to a stop trying not to flip the cart mid stride. I see a car driving backwards with a girl half sticking out of the window holding a small bag in her hand. She is getting wet but didn’t seem to mind. She hands it to me and just giggles while she gets back in the car. My first though was a drink. They have drinks in bags down here. But it was hard to the touch so not a drink. As the car drove off I waved and said thank you and opened the bag. It was three apples, one banana, and a piece of pan (bread but not like sliced bread)

I smiled and stopped for lunch once I got the food. I took out a knife and some peanut butter and took a little water to wash the apple off. It hit the spot and I put the others up in my box for later.

All in all I had about 15 people try and help me today. Most days there are a few people stop and ask if I need a ride. A few stick out there hands and give a thumbs up or down signal. Some honk and wait for a gesture from me. But today was different. People seen the rain and felt bad for me. People offering me more water than I could drink. Offering me little juices or I even had a guy offer me half is sandwich he was eating in his work trailer out of the rain. Today the Peruvian people showed me once again why I love this country.

Even though it rained Peru made it a great day. People are very geniuses and understanding.

Another thing I want to say is this. If someone came to America and didn’t speak much English we would judge them, may even say we can’t help them, we may ask them to leave our stores or tell them they need to learn English if they are going to be there. During my time in Peru not once did someone make me feel unwanted or even if I was having a hard time understanding their Spanish they took their time and figured out what I needed or how to help. It’s something we may think about in America. Whether it’s someone living there or someone visiting. It doesn’t take much time to slow down and try and figure out what people may need. ❤️ love all people regardless of the languages they speak.

To my vets:
I am also out of Peru. Not very long left and I’ll be in Chile. A next chapter in my adventure.
Shoot me a message about steps you have taken towards a goal while I’ve been down here. What is your next chapter?

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Day 84

Todays Miles: 30.6
Total Miles: 1699.6
58 Running Days

My GPS went crazy today. I charged it last night  and woke up ready to hit the day. It had a full battery and should last the next three days. At mile 11 it showed 1 percent so I quickly grab the charger to pull it in thinking I missed read the battery this morning. Even plugged in it died 5 minutes later. (Unfortunate didn’t get a picture of the mileage for my backup data) I was frustrated but turned it back in and it showed 100 percent battery and didn’t have any problems the rest of the day... Anyone else had similar problems?

Today was like the last few. Morning was extremely foggy and chilly by 10 the sun started to shine through and the fog lifted.
It was another day of ups and downs, left and rights, twists and curves.

I didn’t really see anything else today, no food, no water to buy.
I passed fairly close to a town (2km) but I didn’t trek up the mountain side over to it.

The wind is blowing really hard right now and it’s shaking the tarp and tent like crazy.

I set up camp and decided on some tuna I have in a can and some crackers with peanut butter.

Fun facts about Dustin’s journey: ......

The things he has mixed with peanut butter to give it more flavor..... (sorry if I offend your taste buds)
1. Tuna
2. Quinoa
3. Rice
4. Eggs
5. Potatoes
And the list can go on... and by the way before I even left for this run I put peanut butter on my eggs.

To my vets:

I’m not full of inspirational quotes. I don’t have my mind wandering and thinking of the right thing to say today. I can’t think of a perfect message to send you. For that I’m sorry but do know I care for you and I am here if anyone needs someone to talk to. May life present you your door with opportunity and ignore it doesn’t open you kick it down and enter anyways.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Day 82-83

Miles Both Days: 60.3
Total Trip Miles: 1,669.0
56-57 Running Days

Yesterday was an up hill - down hill game, literally. The first 12.3 miles were down hill, the last 17.9 miles were all up hill. It made for a very interesting day. 

As I got to the bottom of the mountain there was a tiny little village and cars were backed up for miles. Curious I eagerly sped up. I got there and didn’t see anything special at first. Truck drivers eating at the one restaurant and people getting supplies from a tiny little grocery (fresh food only) store. With my new camping gear I decided to go in and I got 3 eggs and two potatoes and two ears of corn for food and for drinks I got two 1L waters and a 3L Tampico (Orange Jucie in a way) and I paid 8.20 soles. So pretty dang cheap. 

After I loaded the food and drinks I pushed on a ran around the corner where I then saw why things were backed up. Two tractors were using there buckets to push large rocks from the cliff edge into the road as they banged them into the walls. And smal groups of people had big tires in the road and were setting them on fire. The smoke stunk. I was worried they wouldn’t let me by seeing they were mad about something but as I approached they were nice and didn’t say a word to me and made room for my cart to get thriough. I later seen a yellow flag with the words Agro yes Mina No. on the other side as I start my climb traffic is backed up the same as before but this time it went on for nearly 6 miles. Truck drivers kept asking me what was going on.  All I could really tell them was there were people that didn’t seem happy and they were putting large rocks in the road while lighting tires on fire so people wouldn’t drive around till all the rocks were in place. Needless to say they were not happy to have to wait some seemed to have been waiting for ever as they were asked in their trucks. 

After I passed all the trucks  it got really quite. I didn’t see another vehicle the entire time I was on the road. I set camp and started to cook my food before I even seen one car and that’s al I even ended up seeing till I went to bed. 

As I was setting up camp some dark clouds rolled in and I made a nice fort with my tarp and everything under it. 

Woke up and there was thick heavy fog for the first 4 hour and of the day. At the worst 50meters visibility and at the best a quarter mile. 

Didn’t see many cars today, did t really see much of anything at all. I was still in the middle of no where. I seen one a few dogs and one tiny village with a few huts no electricity and no water. 

I was getting low on water and a construction worker let me buy two off of him. He charged more than they were worth but it was worth it for me! 

Yesterday I ate eggs and potatoes
Tonight I’ll have potatoes and tuna 

I was very lucky yesterday during that protest to stop at the fresh food store and get a few eggs and two potatoes. I should have gotten more! 

Overal today was very uneventful and pretty much a straight road that went up and down in the middle of the desert with winds would give you an exact outline of it. 

To my vets: 

There may be days that are boring and slow. They seem to stretch forever. Days that are mundane and seem pointless but remember this; days like those are what makes the good days good. You couldn’t have an amazing day if you didn’t have a boring one. So keep going and your amazing day is coming! 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Day 81

Todays Miles: 30.2
Total Trip Miles: 1608.7
55 Running Days (All then days off and didn’t get the gear I needed)

Today was overall a 7 out of 10. If it wasn’t for the tire needing air so often it wouldn’t have been a bad day all.

The scenery never changed. Small mountains on one side, military desert on the other for the whole 30 miles. I even seen a few signs with pictures of fighter jets dropping bombs and came to the conclusion this was where they tested their equipment. Makes sense way out here in the middle of no where.
You ever play the game: guess how long it’ll take to get to that point/hill/sign when your in the car? Well I did that today. I figured it would take  few hours to get the big hill I seen. 30 miles later and it still looks the same distance away. Some hill....

I had an interesting incident with a random guy in he middle of nowhere. He came at me yelling hands closed into fists and he wouldn’t leave me alone. Kept grabbing at my cart and blanket and throwing his hands around at me. I had enough and showed him my protection and my closed fist before anything could escalate and he slowly walked away. No one harmed and nothing happened more than some yelling.

I was in a weird electronic interference zone. GPS was all out of control and so was my phone for a good amount of time. I figured it had to do with the military but I’m still not sure.

Today for dinner I will cook some rice in my little tiny pot and have a nice cup of hot tea. Yum! Oh and can’t forget peanut butter for desert!

All in all I’m glad to be back on the road, it feels great, once my tire is fixed I’ll be at the top of the world again. Till then I shall endure and overcome!

To my vets:
“Be the change you wish to see in the world”
Start with yourself and if you like where your at then step forward and help another vet.
If you don’t like where your at then contact Stop  Solider Suicide and let them get you where you need to be! No shame in bettering yourself.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Day 80

Today’s Miles: 30.1
Total Miles: 1578.5
54 Running Days (The off days are so unneeded..)

Today I woke up ready to hit the road. I was unable to get my two new pairs of shoes, new tubes for my cart, and a few other small things. I was able to go get gloves and wool socks and some other things that were in the box I was waiting on but the shoes and tubes were the biggest things.

I hit the road once he sun cane up and felt great. It was like a child who learned to walk for the first time kind of giddy. Leaving the city was crowded but I got it done just slower than I would have liked I was ready to stretch the legs.

Once out of town I took off. The cart weighs more now than ever but once I got it going it wasn’t bad: I had just as many down hills as up hills and the up hills are much better.

At about 20 miles in my front tire takes a small rock and puts a hole in it...... if only I would have gotten my box so I had more tubes. (Arequipa has 8 cycling stores and they all told me the front tire was to small to order through them.)
I spent the next 10 miles pumping up the front tire every quarter mile or so.
Not sure what to do at this point but I’ll make it work.
Just a big kick to me while I felt down is all.
All that time waiting for a box that didn’t come and then a flat.
(No fix a flat or tube patches down here from what I have been told and seen)
Anyone else has ideas let me know.

I set up camp around 3 and put up the new tent. Easier than the last one and has a better entrance for a single man mountaineering tent. Couldn’t have asked for a better set up.

I set up my tiny propane tanks and am cooking quinoa as I write this. It’ll be nice to be able to cook some. Even if it’s just potatoes or carrots I buy off locals.

I sit here writing this staring off into the distance. All I can see are these beautiful snow capped mountain tops. My body longs to be there already. My mind wants to wonder into what it’s going to be like. The sting in my lungs with the first cold morning breathe. The sound of the snow crunching under my feet. The animals and birds making noises as I run by. It’s going to be wonderful.

To my vets:

Never give up. Because you are never out of the fight. It doesn’t matter if you wait and things never show. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been kicked while your down and something else goes wrong: you are a veteran. You are stronger than most can comprehend. You are able to see things differently than 99 percent of the population because you are the 1 percent that served. So use It to your advantage.
Be strong, be courageous, and be humble. I love you all and I’m not quitting on any of you no matter what life throws at me out here.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Day 77-79

Well, in the morning I leave out again to run. Way to many days off and I am very disappointed in the fact my gear was suppose to be here on the 5th at the latest. So I will continue on without it.
1000+ miles on these shoes and I had two pair in my box. So I will suck it up and continue with these shoes. Just so much I won’t have but it’s okay, I have an mentally strong will push through this.

I will do a 50k like I have been tomorrow but I will be taking the mileage up to try and make up for some of this off time. It would be way easier to run more if I had a crew member but I’ll get it done. My cart will weigh in around 80lbs and it will only make me stronger.

Thank you for everyone who hasn’t given up on me, daily updates will begin again tomorrow.

I want to him a huge shout out to my mom for everything she has done while I’ve been trapped in this city. You are an amazing woman and mom! Thank you!!

Thank you to Stop a Solider Suicide for staying true and strong behind me as well.